Walmart: Valentine’s Clearance

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 You’ll want to make sure you check out the clearance section at Walmart!  My store has been out of candy since Valentine’s day, but I found an isle of of Valentine items near the Easter isles and my oh my were there some good deals!!  There were about 6 different designs on the small bags as shown above for only $0.36 each.  Here are just a few of the other deals I found too!
Reminder: Prices and Clearance items vary store to store and region to region.

I was able to stock up on Valentine’s for only $0.24 for 32 for next year!

Dum-Dum Valentines (18 ct) for only $0.50!!  Along with these basic ones they also had the Disney Princess Dum-Dum Valentines for the same price.  The expiration date on these were 8/2014, so they’re good for a couple of years.

If you’re looking for Rose Petals for a wedding, photos, or crafts I found them for only $0.49 a bag!

Tissue paper for only $0.36 each!

Felt gift bags for only $0.74 each.

 I also saw everything from women’s to children’s clothes, cookie cutters, baby onesies, static and gel window clings, boxes, slippers and lots of other items.  I was actually surprised by the variety since it was less than an isles worth of items.