We Didn’t Get That Coupon In Our Inserts? How Can I Get One?

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It seems I see a the same comment quite frequently from many readers…..”I didn’t get that coupon in my inserts.”  I know that this can be so frustrating — especially when that coupon could mean a GREAT deal on something on sale at your local grocery store.  Well, there IS a way for you get your hand on that hot coupon!

There is a coupon clipping service called The Coupon Clippers.  They get coupons from all over the country and you can purchase them for just a few cents – no matter where you live!  It is a great way to get that high value coupon, even when you didn’t clip it yourself.

But wait?  Coupons can’t be sold, can they?  These are not being sold.  You are paying them pennies (and I mean pennies) to clip the coupon for you and then mail it.  So, they are not being sold to you.

But I live across the country and the sale is good only this week?  This company mails coupons out the same day that the order is placed, so you should have them within 2 or 3 days — still time to get in on the sale (in most cases).

Why not just use Ebay?  I can get whole inserts on there!  I strongly urge people NOT to use Ebay.  There are far too many fraudulent coupons on their site.  In addition, you are buying coupons and not just inserts.  Ebay is actually starting to crack down on the sale of coupons, since the language on them clearly states that they can not be sold.  So, it really is best to avoid Ebay all together.

So, next time you see something on sale, or a matchup on a website, which shows a coupon that you do NOT have (but want), I’d head over to The Coupon Clippers and see if you can’t buy them. Sure, it will cost you a few cents, but you’ll more than likely still come out ahead in the long run.