We Interrupt Deal Posts to Bring You an Important Announcement

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I am sure you have probably noticed the site has been loading more slowly lately.  And unfortunately, at times, altogether unavailable.  That is unacceptable to me.  You all expect me to be here when you have a few minutes to be able to check for new posts, or to get to a deal or coupon I’ve shared.  When the site is down I know it frustrates you (as it certainly does me).

The good news is that there is something I can do about that.  The bad news is that the site will be down for a bit later tonight.  This is necessary so that steps can be taken to make the site run as it should.  Once we get moved, you should not see the same issues that you have in the past.  It should more quickly and we should not be down as we have been in the past.

Why am I telling you this now?  Well, for a couple of reasons.  First of all, if the site is down tonight, I want you to know why that is.  Secondly, I am telling you this because we are moving the DNS (Domain Name Server).  While some Internet Providers will refresh quickly resulting in no delayed site downtime,  others may not.  That means the site may be unavailable for some of you for a few days.

Once we are back up and running, you can try to make sure your system is ready by clearing your cache.  If you still can’t view the page, you can contact your IP company and ask them to do a refresh (although I am not sure how successful you will be at getting them do this for you).

I thank you all for your patience while we work through this technical upgrade.  It will absolutely be better once it is done.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled deal posts……………


  1. Heather says


    Yay for upgrades! I have a couple of suggestions to help minimize downtime some of your visitors may experience as a result of the move.

    Your users will want to make sure thier machine isn’t caching the old IP addresses prior to contacting their ISPs. Even if the ISP’s DNS servers pick up the new DNS server, the client may still keep the old servers in their cache. Most of the ISPs will pick up the new DNS servers within 24 hours, though some propagation can take up to 48 hours.

    Users can clear their local browser cache by following the below steps:

    Click start < Accessories < Command Prompt
    At the prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns (note the space between the ipconfig and the flusdns) and press enter. ****All browser windows must be closed during this process in order for the browser cache to be cleared.***

  2. Heather says

    You’ve got to have administrative rights on the machine. If you are at home, you may need to right click the command prompt and select run as administrator. If you’re at work you’re probably locked down by IT.

  3. Beth says

    On a PC, You can also click your ctrl key AND F5 key – this will clear your cache for the page you are currently on.

    This can be done on any site if you don’t see an updated image, etc – your computer ‘caches’ certain things on web pages to make them easier to load the next time you are there.

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