Website Review: Meals by the Week

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If you’ve been following this site for any period of time, you probably see my weekly menu plan.  It is certainly not glamorous nor does it include the best meals that are out there.  To be honest, planning meals is just something that I do out of necessity rather than desire.  When someone can help me do just that, I am willing to check it out.  That is what Meals by the Week does – helps you with your meals.

This site was created to help families save time (and even money).  Money?  Yep!  They actual review the weekly ad and plan meals around items that you will find on sale.  I love that I can log in and check out this week’s meals for the store that I plan on heading to in oder to do my weekly shopping and the work is done for me.   I then go through the menu ideas that have been created and can opt to “Keep It,” “Double It” or “Skip It.”  I can also even let them know the number of people I’m cooking for – and the recipe comes up to help me cook enough for everyone.  I appreciate this flexibility in the menu plan.

The one feature that I think I love the most are the weekly newsletters.  I am busy – just like most of you are.  I have signed up for meal sites before and then I forget about them, until I get a subscription ending notice.  With Meals by the Week, you get a newsletter sent to you to remind you that your meals are ready to be reviewed.  So you absolutely get your money’s worth – no more paying for something you don’t use.

Speaking of cost – these plans are very reasonably priced.  You can select from 3 subscription options: 1 week – $5, 4 weeks – $10 and 13 weeks – $15 (gets you one week for free).  I always look at the cost of planning meals, as my time is valuable.  If I can get 13 weeks’ worth of meals for just $15 – I know for a fact, that I will spend more than the value of $1.25 figuring out what in the world to cook.  So, for me, it is well worth it.

Head on over and check out Meals by the Week. You are out nothing but a few minutes to review the site.  Who knows – you just may have found the answer to your meal planning prayers!

Meals by the Week is based out of the KS/MO area, so at this time, the servicing areas are limited (but they are growing).  You can check out the areas and stores that are covered on her site.     They are going to be adding menus for Hen House, Trader Joe’s Whole Foods and Albertsons in the coming weeks – so stay tuned to her site for that information!


  1. Amber says

    There’s a big box on the home page that says “click here for a 1 week free trial”, but it goes to the registration page where there is no subscription option for a free trial.

  2. says

    Hi Amber,

    When you register for your account, we don’t charge you for the first 7 days. That gives you a chance to preview the site (and all of its functions) before we charge you. You will get to see at least one — and possibly 2 — menus before you make the decision to finalize your purchase. If you find that the site isn’t a benefit to you during that time, simply email us at before the trial period expires and we will cancel the subscription before you are charged.

  3. Renee says

    I always find myself spending more money when I go to the store with a menu to buy for. I prefer to work backwards, getting the best deals on the healthiest foods and then I see what I can come up with. I love the challenge, but I am a pretty creative and cook. You often get what is fresh and in season this way. I can see where this service may helpful for some people, but watch your pocketbook and be flexible.

  4. rachel B. says

    completely agree, renee. The meal services have good ideas but aren’t based off of current food sales. And even the services that provide selections like “healthy meals” don’t accomodate for tastebuds of 3 year olds and they suggest Tilipia (which currently runs $5/lb in my grocery store)…..very expensive use of my time and menu-planning and grocery shopping.
    If there is a good meal service out there that doesn’t do the above listed, PLEASE let me know!

  5. says

    Hi Rachel-
    I am the founder of I cannot speak to other menu planning services, but I can assure you that we work with current sale ads to produce our menu. Unless you subscribe to our Generic menu or to a store that does not run weekly sales (like Trader Joe’s), or that is a general retailer with a grocery department (SuperTarget), we strive to build our menu around what is actually on sale. For stores that do not provide sufficient weekly grocery sales to build a varied menu, we work to create a menu that is cost-effective and palatable. It is impossible to accommodate everyone’s personal tastes, and if you do not feel that a particular dinner on the menu would appeal to your family, all you have to do is delete it from your shopping list.