Weekly Cinema: 6 Tickets for only $30

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There are some great deals today at GroupOn.  If you aren’t sure what this site is about, read up on my GroupOn 101 page.  Remember that you can purchase a deal from any city in the country, regardless of where you live or where you signed up.  These can be a great way to save on dining out or services if you are planning on heading to another city. 

To find each of these deals below, just head here to GroupOn.  At the top of the page, select Visit More Cities and the list will come up.  Click on the city you want and you’ll go right to that deal.  Here are a few good deals you’ll find today:

Orlando:  Today you can get 6 movie tickets to Weekly Cinema for only $30.00!!!  That makes them just $5.00 a ticket.  This could be a great gift idea for someone this holiday season!

Miami (deal is in the sidebar):  You can pick up $20.00 worth of spices for just $10.00.  This could also be a great gift idea to toss into a basket with an apron and utensils for a unique holiday gift!

Denver:  The Zazzle.com deal is back!  You can get $50.00 worth of items for just $25.00.  You can make some great, unique gifts for those on your gift list this year.

Piedmont Triad:  Popcorn!  This is always a hit!! Today you can get $15.00 worth of gourmet popcorn for only $30.00. 

Thanks Top Daily Deals!