Weekly Cinema: Company Out of Business But Issuing Refunds

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Well, I’ve got bad news.  In case you have not yet heard, Weekly Cinema has gone out of business.  I know that some of you probably purchased movie tickets through them on GroupOn and other sites.  It is as frustrating for me, as it is for you, to have this happen.  However, they have issued this statement on their website:

We will be issuing refunds to our monthly subscribers based on the number of tickets in their account which have not been used and also the subscription they were signed up for. In order to receive a refund please tell them to contact us via live chat or support@weeklycinema.mojohelpdesk.com and we will be able to process this request in an efficient manner. Also it is not necessary to request a charge back to their [credit card] account as we will be issuing refunds to the customers.  Our refunds will also come quicker than if a user were to request a charge back.

So, if you made a purchase,  you will want to contact them so that you can get a refund of your purchase price.  Hopefully this happens quickly and you can all get your money back before you know it!


  1. carrie says

    Good luck with trying to get in touch with them. I had an issue and it was sooooooooo annoying dealing with them I had to dispute it through my credit card company. The live chat I swear I was conversing with a 10 yr old. No joke! Like they have children working there, NOT surprised they are out of business at all!