Weekly Expired Coupon List: 12/26 – 1/2

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We all have those coupons that we want to use before they expire, but sometimes forget about them and are disappointed when we find out they expired before we got to use them.  Below you’ll find a list of the insert coupons that will expire within the next week, so if you see one you want to use, make sure too plan a trip to the store this week to use it!  This is also a good time to take a quick look through your binder or printable coupons to see if there are any other coupons that you might have picked up elsewhere that will expire this week too.

With the end of the year and month upon us there are a lot, I repeat A LOT of coupons expiring in the next week.  So make sure to double check all the coupons you have at home incase you got some in your region that didn’t make the list below.

These matchups were removed as part of site maintenance.  Click the main menu to find the current week’s deals.


  1. D says

    Thank you! That was super-helpful. It was easy to get distracted and disorganized during Christmas. This list got me back “on point” and helped me not miss out on about $22.00 of savings for my family.