Where Else is Kansas City Penny Pinchin Mama?

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Yes, I blog daily with deals and steals right here for everyone to see. However, did you know that I can be found elsewhere as well? Yep – I write stories for a some other sites and publications as well. Where? Read on……..

Divine Caroline: You will find me mostly under Career & Money as Penny Pinchin Mom. In fact, if you head over to the main page for Career & Money and look under Balance – you will see a story called “The Dreaded “B” Word.” This was an article I wrote about budgeting that might interest some of you. Here is a link to the site — you will probably need to register in order to read it though.

This is so thrilling for me because my article is one of the featured ones on the home page! It really is an honor as there are so many amazing stories about money out there, to have them pick mine as a feature is so humbling.

Kansas City Parent Blogs: I submit weekly articles about all sorts of things to do with money, saving and shopping. Sometimes it is helpful hints, other times it is about my own personal experiences. You can catch my weekly article here every Thursday morning – just look for articles by Tracie Fobes.

Kansas City Parent Magazine: This is a spin-off from the blogs, but you can find an article I have written in the December issue of this magazine! This is my first publication and I am just thrilled! It is exciting to get your word out, but even more thrilling to be a part of such a great magazine that I personally LOVE to read. You can catch my article about possibly needing a coupon vacation. Yes – even I need one every now and again!

I am working on expanding to provide more guest posts and articles through other avenues, so you can find me a few more places other than here — just in case you are interested!

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