White Cloud Bathroom Tissue: Call Out Your Paper Taker + Twitter Party

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Do you live with a “paper taker?”  You know, that person who seems to believe that the toilet paper magically refills itself each time it is empty?  If so, now is your chance to have a little bit of fun!  You can now “out” your paper taker by customizing a video!  There are two easy options for you to do this.  If you use Facebook, simply head over to White Cloud on Facebook and the select the Create Video tab (don’t worry you do NOT have to record your own video to participate).  Once you are there, select the GREEN get started button and just answer the questions and hit submit.  In a matter of seconds you’ll have your very own customized video that you can share with your family and friends and OUT your Paper Taker. 

I realize that not everyone is on Facebook.  Don’t worry because you can still personalize your own fun video!  Just head on over here and get started.  You’ll get the same result.  Make sure that you send your video to the guilty party.  Who knows — it may just help convince them to actually replace the empty roll!  Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 

I have to admit that I’m pretty lucky when it comes to living with such people…..even our six year old knows that she has to change the roll.  Of course, the only battle we contend with here is the direction – but I can live with that.  At least I’m not reaching for an empty roll in the middle of the night!   However, I went ahead and had to create one for my hubby — he thought it was great!    It definitely brought a chuckle to his face.  You can find mine by clicking here.

White Cloud would love to have even more fun with you this Wednesday, July 20th at 1:00 p.m. CST.   There will be lots of fun discussion about Paper Takers and what we can to do change their  ways.  If you want to participate, you can easily join in the fun by using the hashtag #PaperTakers (just follow this in any Twitter stream).  The best part is that seven (7) people will each win a $25 Walmart gift card — randomly handed out.  If you’ve never been part of a Twitter party – they are crazy busy to keep up with but are a ton of fun!  Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Until then, create those videos and make sure to share them on your Facebook page and even on the White Cloud YouTube page!

Don’t forget to print out your $1/1 White Cloud Toilet Tissue coupon too!!!

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