White Cloud: High Quality Products That Save You Money (Plus Get a Coupon!!!)

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No matter who you are, there is one thing you need.  Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues.  Of course, no one wants to sacrifice quality just to get a good deal.  That is one reason that we usually buy White Cloud.  It costs less than the name brand counterparts – for a lot less money!

First, I want to mention the cost for their products.  They are just so very affordable.  In fact, you can not  only save at Walmart, but you can also download a coupon for $0.50/1 90 count White Cloud Facial Tissue coupon from their Facebook Page.   Here are the prices you might expect to pay at your local Walmart store (keep in mind that prices can be regional and may vary slightly where you live):

White Cloud Toilet Tissue, 4 packs for $2.08
White Cloud Ultra Toilet Tissue, 12 packs for $5.97
Green Earth Bath Tissue, 6 packs for $3.98

White Cloud Facial Tissue 2-ply Cubes, 75 count for $1.12
White Cloud Facial Tissue 2-ply Flats, 150 count for $1.12
White Cloud Facial Tissue 2-ply Flats, 90 count for $0.86
3 Pack White Cloud 2-ply cubes (75 in each) for $3.18

White Cloud Green Earth Paper Towels, 2 rolls for $2.97  (sold in select locations)

White Cloud sells several products including Toilet Tissue, Facial Tissue and even GreenEarth products.  It is great to know that you are never sacrificing quality for cost.    In fact, you will pay as little as $0.25 for 100 sheets of White Cloud Toilet tissue.  Compare that to competitor’s who usually charge upwards of $0.38!  And as mentioned – no sacrifice in quality ever.  Consumer Reports has mentioned White Cloud in a recent study.  Head here to learn more about what they had to say.

White Cloud has even launched a new line of GreenEarth products. These products are all made with 100% recycled fiber — but you would never know it.  There is no compromise of quality here – still the same great products you’ve come to appreciate from the name White Cloud.

The most recent new item (and the one I really love the most) is White Cloud Facial Tissues.  When they say “Something Smarter Just Popped Up” — I have to agree.  I always thought it was crazy to pay so much for facial tissues.  I tried White Cloud and the quality was just as great as the guys who were charging a LOT MORE for their tissues.  Not only that, I have used my new $0.50/1 White Cloud Facial Tissue coupon and picked up my own 90 count box for just $0.36!  Seriously!  Just $0.36 for a box of tissues!  Crazy!!!!

Make sure you share your own thoughts about these great products on the White Cloud Facebook and Twitter pages.  Thank them for the coupon while you are at it!

This is a sponsored post by White Cloud.  All opinions are that of Penny Pinchin’ Mom and were not influenced by any parties in any way.