Why Can’t I Find Deals On Some Products (iPads, Leappads, Kindles, etc)?

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This week’s question is one that is being asked by many of you — “Have you seen a deal on Leappads, Kindles, iPads?”  The truth of the matter is no.  And to be even more blunt, you won’t.

Some products have established price floors as set by the manufacturer’s.  This means that they can not sell these items at any sort of a discount.  Yep – if you want one, you are going to have to (dare I say it) — PAY FULL PRICE!!  GAH!!!!!  However, if you pay attention, you can still get a deal……..

I am sure you have seen the offers which are “free gift card with purchase” or “free Amazon credit with your purchase.”  That is how the stores get around this.  Since they can not offer any sort of a discount to you, they do what they can by offering you a credit to buy other items for free in their store.  It seems to work!  This is very common with items such as Kindles, iPads or even home appliances.

Another way you can save money is with a bundled package.  Retailers can throw in free (or discounted) accessories, games and whatnot, which help you get the add-ons you want at little or no cost to you.  Leapfrog does this quite frequently with the Leappad 2.

The final option for you if you really want a deal is to just watch for refurbished sales.  When people purchase items and then return them, retailers can no longer sell them as new items.  This means that they will discount them as such and you reap the benefits.   You do have to keep your eyes open though, as these can be few and far between.

So, now you know.  You won’t find that hot, below market price on some of your favorite items.  If you really want one, I recommend that you just bite the bullet and get it now.  Then, work harder to save on the other items so you still stay within your budget, while making someone’s holidays a little bit brighter.