Home Depot Coupons For Up to $30 In Savings — Play The Zombie Game

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This is a fun game, but before you get started, make sure you give yourself some time.  Seriously – a LOT of time!  However, it could be worth it to get up to $30 off of your next Home Depot purchase!!  Here’s how to get in on this Halloween fun!!

Check out the Home Depot zombie game on their Facebook page.  You basically earn coupons for mulching zombies.  However, you have to mulch a ton of them before you can get the coupon.  If you want to double your speed, just scroll down a little on the page and sign up for the Home Depot Garden Newsletter.  You will double your point value and instead of earning 3 points per zombie, you’ll double it and earn 6 points.

If you have the patience (I stress patience), and reach 1,000 points, you’ll get a $5 off anything at Home Depot Coupon.  Hit 2,500 points then you’ll get a $10 off anything at Home Depot Coupon.  And if you are one of the most patient (or shall we say persistent) people around and earn 5,000 points then you’ll get a $15 Home Depot Coupon!!

Thanks Surviving The Stores!