Words Plumbers Use When Repairing a Toilet

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Tank? Fill Valve? Flapper? If you've heard these words from a plumber, you may be wondering what in the world they even mean! We've got the list of words plumbers use when repairing a toilet!

From time to time things break in our home which requires us to call an expert to remedy the issue. Like going to the doctor, we sometimes can be very confused about what they’re trying to explain to us. They could come out to work on our sink and tell us we need a new coupling and we will probably jump on our phone to use Google to help us out of our confusion. However, never fear, I am here to translate a few jargons used by plumbers.

Words that a plumber might use when working on your toilet:

Tank – This is the back of the toilet, usually the larger part of it that holds the water and has a lid that’s removable.

Bowl – This is where the yucky contents are held before flushing occurs. This has a small portion of standing water at all times.

Seat/Lid – This is an easy one. This is where you sit or what covers the bowl.

Flapper – This refers to the rubberized flat like piece found in the bottom of the tank of your toilet. It often has a chain attached to it that leads to the lever.

Tank Lever – This is a lever that is usually on the side of the toilet or found on the outer extremity. This is the thing you push or pull to make the toilet flush.

Flush Valve – This is found inside at the bottom of the tank, it basically looks like a hole with a 12 inch tube attached to it. It’s also what the flapper attaches to.

Ball Cock/Fill Valve – This is located in the tank. It’s the piece that allows the water to fill the tank up. This also shuts off the water when the tank has filled to the correct level. It can look like a single unit with an upside-down cup like thing or like a small blown up balloon.

Supply Line – This connects to the ball cock/fill valve on the bottom outside the tank. It also connects to the shut off valve or the main water pipe. It carries the water from the main incoming pipe to the toilet. It can be braided stainless steel, copper, chrome, or it can also be a white flexible tube. It will almost always be tubing of some sort.

Now, if you ever have to call a plumber to work on your toilet, you will have a better idea of what he’s saying to you.

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