Working on FireFox Links

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Are you one of my readers who is using Firefox? If so, I bet you have problems printing some of the coupons that I link, don’t you? Well, I am trying to change things up a bit to try to help you out!

When I post a direct link to a site, I am going to continue to do that through IE, which you all should still be able to hit as well. However, when I link a ‘brick’ (which is the direct link to print a coupon), I am trying to post BOTH the IE and FF links for everyone! Now, since this is new, I may still miss some. If I do, there is a SUPER easy way for you to just edit the link and then you too can print an IE link from FF.

When you paste your link into your browser, it will look something like this (minus the *) **.

If you change the section that I have highlighted and bolded in red from wi to wg, then you will be able to print it!

The same works in the opposite way if you find a link that is done in FF, just change the wg to
wi and you can print in IE! Pretty simple, isn’t it?


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