Yankee Candle: 120 Gift Tags for $1.00 + $10/$25 Purchase

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Yankee Candle is having a pretty decent clearance sale right now.  I found a box of 120 gift tags marked down from $5.00 to just $1.00 each – which makes them less than $0.01 a piece!  These are a really nice filler to help you reach $25 in order to save $10 — just use the code SURVEY at checkout and you will instantly save $10/$25 purchase, in addition to the discounts.

I was able to pick up 2 tumblers, 3 boxes of gift tags and 2 votives for a total of $20.00 shipped!   These are perfect gifts for exchanges, swaps and to have wrapped for when someone drops by and gives you something unexpectedly – just have them wrapped and waiting to hand one back in exchange!