Zona Rosa: Become a Fan and Get a Free Movie Ticket

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Zona Rosa is trying to increase it’s fan base. In doing so, they are going to give every fan a free movie ticket if they can hit 15,000 fans by April 2nd! So head over here and become a fan — be sure to spread the word so we can all go to this new theatre for FREE!

Oh – and this theatre is the Studio Movie Grill,which opens on April 2nd. They serve delicious food while you get to relax in leather recliners and enjoy digitally projected movies. Doesn’t THAT sound incredible!?

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  1. Shelby says

    Studio Movie Grill is AWESOME! We moved here from Dallas about 4 years ago and we had several of them there. Their food was really good, they did really cheap summer movies for the kids and their prices were reasonable. It saves on a sitter too, because you can do dinner and a movie at once!