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CVS General Shopping FAQs


Can you use multiple ExtraBucks Rewards, manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons all together? Yes, you can.  Keep in mind that the coupons will be deducted first and then the ExtraBucks Rewards.  If the value of the ExtraBucks Rewards exceeds the transaction total, you will forfeit any unused balances.  So you may want to make sure you add in additional items so as to not throw money away.

My store says they do not accept Internet coupons.  Is this true? No, that is not true.  CVS accepts various coupons, and Internet coupons are one of them.  As long as the coupon will scan, it will be accepted.  If it does not scan, they will not accept it.

My CVS store says I can not use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale.  Is this true? No, that is not true.  The CVS coupon policy specifically states that you can do just this.  See below for details.

I have never shopped here before and do not understand much about how to get the deals.  Can you help? Yes!  I have a post which explains How To Shop at CVS.  This will give you the information you need to get started shopping and saving money.

My CVS store won’t take my coupon that says “redeemable at another store”.  I thought you could use these anywhere. In most cases you can.  However, CVS’s coupon policy specifically states that they do not accept any coupons that have another store’s logo on it – regardless of the wording.

I want to complain about my store, who do I contact? You can call them directly at 1-800-SHOPCVS or you can submit feedback via email.  Remember that if you do not speak up, they will not be aware of the issue and can not do anything to resolve it.  If you contact them, it is helpful to have the store number available as well as any additional information including manager, cashier, date and time of your visit.


CVS Coupon Policy

CVS accepts both manufacturer and store coupons.  Below is an excerpt of the CVS Coupon Policy (click the link to learn more).  Make sure you read and understand it before you shop.  It can also be helpful to print and keep it with you when shopping.

General Policies:

  • CVS/pharmacy does not accept expired coupons.
  • CVS/pharmacy will not accept third party manufacturers’ coupons with another retailer’s logo.
  • Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
  • Third Party Manufacturer coupons are issued by a third party and sales tax may be charged on pre-coupon price.
  • CVS/pharmacy does not accept coupons for items not carried in our stores.
  • CVS/pharmacy only accepts ExtraBucks Rewards applicable to the ExtraCare card offered at time of purchase.
  • CVS/pharmacy does not currently accept coupon bar code images displayed on a Smartphone, iPhone, Droid etc.
  • The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law.
  • Certain CVS/pharmacy coupons may be subject to state sales tax rules similar to Third Party Manufacturer Coupons and sales tax may be charged on pre-coupon price
  • Language at the bottom of CVS/pharmacy coupons provides specific coupon acceptance rules.
  • Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines may be accepted at the discretion of CVS management.

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons:

  • Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offer, if required by applicable state laws.
  • Two coupons may be used on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion as long as it does not exceed the item total (i.e. Shampoo B1G1 Free at $2 each. Buy 2 and you may use 2 – $1/1 coupons and pay applicable tax)
  • Buy One, Get One Free promotions may be combined with Buy One, Get One Free Coupons. Customers are responsible for paying applicable tax (i.e. Shampoo B1G1 Free at $2 each. Customer has BOGO coupon – can use both and get both items for free – must pay applicable tax).

Multiple Coupons:

  • CVS/pharmacy accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable.
  • CVS/pharmacy coupon(s) per item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.
  • There is no limit to the number of ExtraBucks Rewards that may be used in a transaction as long as it does not exceed the transaction total.
  • The coupon amount will be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).
  • CVS/pharmacy accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified.
  • Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased.
  • CVS/pharmacy reserves the right to process coupons in any order.
  • CVS/pharmacy accepts multiple Dollar off Transaction coupons (e.g. $3 off $15) in one transaction if they apply (i.e. May use two 3 off $15 coupons if they are purchasing over $30.00).

Extra Bucks Rewards

As mentioned above, ExtraBucks Rewards (called ECB) are incentive coupons that generate when select items (including possibly quantities) are purchased.    Here are some general FAQs about ECBs:

  • ExtraBucks Rewards will print following the completion of your transaction. They will automatically print at the bottom of your receipt or from the red coupon kiosk.  You can use them immediately on your next purchase
  • ExtraBucks Rewards can only be redeemed on the card used to earn them.  That means if you have a card and your spouse has one, and you used your card to earn ECB, you can only redeem them using your card.  They are non-transferrable.
  • ExtraBucks Rewards can be used to generate more ExtraBucks Rewards (or what we call rolling).  This means that if an Extra Care Buck limit is greater than 1 on any product,  you can use the ExtraBucks Rewards you just received to purchase one product, use them to purchase another.  You will then see another ECB printed right at the bottom of your receipt.
  • ExtraBucks Rewards are combined when run together.  Example:  If you were to get $3 back in Register Rewards on Crest Toothpaste and purchaes2 of them within a single transaction, you will get back one ECB for $6 and not 2 for $3 each.
  • ExtraBucks Rewards are essentially cash. This means that you can use as many of these as you would like in any given transaction.  It also means the number of ECBs MAY exceed the number of items purchased.  Example: If you purchase 5 items and have 5 coupons and 3 ECB, you can use ALL 5 coupons and ECB on your purchase.
  • ExtraBucks Rewards expire.  They are only good for 3 weeks, so make sure to watch the dates and use them before you lose out on your savings.
  • Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards.   These are earned on what you actually spend out of pocket each quarter from purchases and prescriptions.  You receive 2% cash back and $1 for every 2 prescriptions filled. The bonus bucks do not include any ECB nor any coupons you have used.
    Spend $0 – $24.99 and earn no ECB
    Spend $25 – $49.99 and earn $0.50 in ECB
    Spend $50 – $74.99 and earn $1 in ECB
    Spend $75 – $99.99 and earn $1.50 in ECB


CVS has a 98% purchase rule in order for ExtraBucks Rewards to print.  That means, if you need to spend $10 to earn $3 in Extra Bucks (for example), the ECB will generate when you spend $9.80.

The only time that this does not work is when there is a tiered offer.  For example, if the promotion says “Spend $20, earn $5 or spend $30 and earn $10”, then you must spend at least $30 for the $10 in ExtraBucks Rewards to print.