Easy Ways to Connect with Me!

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I love hearing from my readers and other bloggers!  Here are a few ways you can get in touch or connect with me!

* Connect with me on Facebook  (PennyPinchinMom)

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* Add me to your Circles on Google+.

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* Email me!!  tracie@pennypinchinmom.com


Guest Posts.  I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.  If I have worked with you, or you know another blogger whom I know, I would be open to taking with you further.  However, if I do not know you, please do not expect a response to your request.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions.  I take the time to read all of the e-mails I receive. If you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours, please email me again just in case it got buried in my in-box.

Deals.  If you find a deal, I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me an email with the details, including any photos you took, and we will try to post it. Keep in mind that we receive a lot of emails, so if we do not see it until the deal has lapsed, we will not be able to share it. We will also credit you for any information you pass along to us.

Giveaways. If you wish to sponsor a giveaway on my site, please first review my giveaway guidelines and contact information by heading here.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!