How To Get Out Of Debt

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Debt sucks. Plain and simple. I've got the tools you need to help you eliminate your debt quickly and get you on the fast track to living the life you want! #debt #budget

If you are wanting to make changes to your financial future and learn HOW to get out of debt the right way, then you have come to the right place!  Below you will find several lessons to help you get started.  Just begin with Lesson 1 and go through each step — at your own pace.  These are the steps my husband and I used to get out of debt ourselves, so we know that they work!  Good luck!!!

Step 1: Preparing your Net Worth and Debt Pay Down Forms

Step 2: How to Create A Budget 

Step 3: Creating and Using a Cash Budget / Envelope System

Step 4: Setting Up a Basic Emergency Fund

Step 5: Using the Debt Pay Down Form to Pay Down Your Debts

Step 6:  How Your Scissors Can Help You Get Out of Debt


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