Getting Started on Penny Pinchin’ Mom

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getting started on Penny Pinchin' Mom


If you are new to Penny Pinchin’ Mom – welcome!  There are so many unique features on this site – all of which are done to help you save more on your day to day shopping.  Here are some things you will find:

Printable Coupons:  Everyone loves to print coupons! Take a look at our free tool – the Coupon Database.  You can find all sorts of printable coupons there.  We also will share the newest printable coupons (and sometimes even include a deal for you to use it) on our Printable Coupons page.

In-Store Deals: We check the current coupons and the ads to find the best deals at several stores including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target.  You can find all of those deals on our In-Store Deals page.

On-Line Deals:  Many times, some of the best deals can be found without leaving home!  For that reason, we also look all over the internet to track down the best deals and even those hot on-line coupon codes you are looking for!  Check out our On-Line Deals page to find out what we’ve found.

Easy Living Tips and Ideas: I’m about making life simple. I share lots of helpful tips and ideas from how to make your own cleaners to even fun crafts and things to just make your life a bit easier.  Review all of these helpful ideas on our Home Tips page.

Life, Parenting and Kids: There is more to life than just saving money.  As a mom to three kids, I know that there is so much I’ve figured out (but yet so much to learn).  Read our tips on Life, Parenting and Kids to help you navigate your own path.

Money Saving Tips: For me, saving money isn’t just about using coupons.  It is about simple changes you can make to your own lifestyle.  Things like budgeting, debt reduction or even how to save on a birthday party.  I share articles such as these all of the time and they have been very helpful if you are just getting started on the path to financial independence.  Visit our Finances page to get more information.

Recipes:  Who doesn’t love a new recipe? Those I create are what my own family will eat.  They are made with simple ingredients and do not take much time to prepare (after all, we all are busy these days).  Make sure you look at our Recipes page to learn more!

Coupon Basics:  If you are BRAND NEW to using coupons, you will want to check out these articles to help you get started:

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please review our FAQs page or even contact me – I am here to help!