Gift Ideas For Kids Ages 8 – 12

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gift ideas ages  8 - 12

The tween years are tough when it comes to gift ideas.  They are too old for toys, but not yet old enough for “boring” adult types of gifts.  What in the world do you get them?

Since all three of my kids are in this age group, I get the struggle. I’ve created a list of gift ideas my own kids have had over the years.  That makes this list of gift ideas for kids ages 8 – 12 100% kid approved!

1. Art set. All of my kids love to draw and color.  Don’t get them the younger versions, but a nicer set.  Our oldest received this wooden art set last year and she loves it.  In fact, her younger sister has now asked for one this year.


2. Books. My kids still love to read.  I previously shared a great list of books for kids ages 8 – 12.

3. Knitting set. If you know someone who wants to learn to knit, a gift with a book to teach them how to knit, yarn and kids’ knitting needles would make the perfect gift.

4. Games. As they get older, kids want more challenging games.  Here are a few ideas:


5. Tin Can Robot.  My kids have all been asking me for this one!  They can turn an ordinary soda can into a robot!

6. Craft Jewelry Set. This is perfect for the child who loves jewelry and crafts. You can find sets to make beaded chain jewelry, headbands, bracelets — and more!

7. Video Games. Let’s face it. They still love them. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get the violent, graphic games. Look for fun ones such as Just Dance, Sports or even Adventure games.

9. iPod. This is the age when kids want to really grow up.  As much as they might think they need a cell phone, you may think otherwise.

9. Lego sets.  It seems no matter the age, these are always popular.  You might look for the more difficult sets or even the 3-in-1 versions to allow a little more creativity and challenge. Keep your eye on sets at Walmart as we often see holiday discounts.


10. Extreme Dot-to-Dot. This is probably one of my daughter’s favorite things to do. These books have dot-to-dot puzzles that number into the hundreds! They take a lot longer and there is more of a challenge to do them. Definitely a LOT of fun. Best of all, there are all sorts of books available (these make perfect stocking stuffers).

11. Draw Like a Pro. Kids love to draw. However, they don’t want to draw the stick people anymore. They want to draw like “a grown up.”

12. Magformers. This is one that is popular with all three of my kids. They allow for hours of creative fun.

13. Tablet / iPad. This is always a popular item amongst kids this age. Just make sure that if you get one, you purchase a very rugged case to protect against drops (I speak from experience on this one).


14. Snap Circuits. A really fun gift idea for just about kid who loves science and engineering. They can create their own circuit boards.

15. Drone / Helicopter. Some of these helicopters and drones are pretty incredible.

16. Video game consoles and add-ons.  Whether an Xbox One, PS4 or WiiU, kids love their video games. If they already have the main platform, add-on systems such as Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions are always a hit.   You might consider some of the accessories such as controllers, headsets or even video gaming chairs.

17. Bikes. All three of my kids learned to ride a bike in the past few months.  Now, we can hardly get them off of them!

18. Sports equipment. New sporting good equipment is a great way to get them what they need, while giving them what they want. It might mean soccer cleats, basketball goal or even baseball bat.


19. Pokemon. This game is still extremely popular and kids are loving him too!  There are many awesome things you can find.  Here are a few ideas:

20. Gaming Table. This is one that even mom and dad will probably enjoy. There are a lot of really awesome table games that you can find. This 12-in-1 system gives you a lot of great options in one table.

21. Hoverboard / Scooters. Still a huge hit amongst the kids! Just be careful about the hoverboards – some of those batteries worry me.


22. Craft kits.  My youngest (who is 8) loves to do crafts!  She asked me for a big bucket of craft supplies so she could create whatever she wanted.  Other ideas include charm sets, wind chime craft and more.

23. Nerf guns. We have fun with these as a family! Get one for each person and get outside and have a Nerf war.  Definitely a kid favorite.

24. Movies. We love a good movie night. There are so many older titles in the store that are still fun to watch. You could create your own movie night box complete with popcorn, snacks and CapriSun.

25. Ripstick. Another fun outdoor activity for them (just don’t forget the helmet).

Once you have all of your gifts figured out, don’t forget to add in the stocking stuffers!  Check out this list of 100 different stocking stuffer ideas!

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