Six Simple Ways to Workout and Lose Weight for Free

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How to Workout and Lose Weight For Free at Home


It seems when January rolls around, many people vow to make a change and eat healthy and begin a fitness routine.  They instantly run to a local gym and sign up.  The idea is that if I pay for the membership I will use it and it will be the right way for me to get on the right path.

Sadly, this is not what happens.

For many, the thrill of the gym quickly fades, but the fees for the membership continue on.  Before you jump on the gym band wagon, you might try to just workout at home — for free!

I’ve got TEN amazingly simple ways for you to work out at and lose weight for free!

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1. Pinterest.

Pinterest is filled with so much information.  Sure, you’ll find lots of decorating, DIY and recipes, but you can find some amazing workout ideas as well!

Just search for the type of workout you want.  For instance, if you want to tone your abs, just do a search for “ab exercises.”  You’ll get hundreds of ideas on what you can do at home.


2. YouTube.

There are many amazing fitness YouTubers sharing routines with their subscribers.  You’ll find all sorts of different fitness routines and workouts – no matter your fitness level.  Best of all, you can follow several of them to get a different workout for every day of the week!  Some of the top sites include:  BeFit, Blogilates, and Fitness Blender.


3. Visit the Library.

Your local library has DVDs and books you can check out to help you lose weight for free.  Of course, many times, you’ll find the DVDs from the 80s, but they can still work to help you get an idea as to the plan you want to create.  Not only can you get exercise inspiration, but you can even read about healthy eating and find new recipes.


4. Create an In-Home Fitness Cycle.

This is the one of my favorite ways to lose weight for free.  I love to walk, but getting outside when it is very cold is just not something that works for me.  That is why I create my own fitness cycle right in my home!  I start out with walking up and down my stairs for 5 minutes. Then, I walk in a figure 8 around some furniture in my house for around 20 minutes.  Finally, I do some sit-ups, push-ups and arm flies.

This costs nothing at all and I can do it no matter the weather outside.


5.  Download Free Fitness Apps.

Take advantage of the app store!  Download them to your phone and you can find instructions to help you find the exercises that will work best for you.  A few you should look into include: Workout Trainer,  Johnson & Johnson Original 7 Minute Workout, and Sworkit.


6. At Home Workout DVD/Program.

This is not completely free, but it is a one time investment rather than a recurring monthly payment.  Some of the routines you can buy include PX90, Insanity, or even Yoga for Beginners.


It is important to stay healthy and fit, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay too much to do it.

What other ways do you work out for free (or minimal cost)?

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