Ten Fun Snow Day Ideas For The Kids

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Kids Home from School due to a snow day? Check out these awesome things you can do to celebrate a day together -- 10 Awesome Snow Day Ideas!!

If you find your kids are home with you as well during an inclement weather day, you might find them coming to you after 10 minutes saying “Mom, I’m bored!!!”  Here are ten ideas for things you can do with your kids when you are stuck at home:<

1.  Make snow ice cream. What a simple and fun idea!  Here’s how to make this:

1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of milk (whole is best)
4 cups of clean snow (or you can used shaved ice if you don’t have snow)

Blend the sugar, milk and vanilla until the sugar has dissolved.  Then, add in all of the snow and stir until it looks like – well – ice cream!

2.  Put on a fashion show. Let your kids play with your make up and glam themselves up.  Then, they can donn their favorite clothes, jewelry, scarves and shoes.  Just make sure Mom or Dad plays the part of photographer (you’ll want to remember these moments).

3.  Set up a game day tournament. Get all of the board and/or card games you’ve got (you can do this with your video game console as well).  Each person gets a scoresheet and you start to play.  Each person keeps track of when they win or lose the game.  The winner of all of the games can get a special treat!  (Or, do what we do, give them all a treat for having fun).

4.  Build a fort. Get the chairs, sheets and couch cushions set and make a fort!  My kids and I love to make these and we’ll make it a special day by eating lunch together under our dome.

>5.  Stay in your jammies and watch movies. It is cold and no one is leaving the house today.  Why not just stay in your pajamas, pop some popcorn and watch movies!  It can be fun to watch those movies you haven’t seen in a while or even click the RENT button on the remote and spring for a movie.<

6.  Have toy clean out day. My kids love things that are new.  It makes it fun and exciting.  Whenever we do a deep clean of their room and move around the furniture a bit, they get excited.  They love to help get rid of those toys that they don’t want anymore (it makes them feel a little more grown up to say that they want to get ride of “baby toys”).<

7.  Have a spa day. Dig out the nail polish and face masks and pamper yourselves.  While your nails dry, you can put on your favorite chick flick and enjoy some time with your daughter.

8.  Play LEGOs and LEGO Charades. Get out the LEGOs and see what you can create.  Why not try to make an entire city?  Or, if you have sets, try to rebuild each of them.  You could even create LEGO charades!   Get out some 3 1/2 x 5 cards and write down things you could build such as truck, house, flower, tree, etc.  Then, get out a small minute timer (or use your phone).  Take turns turning over the card and trying to create the item listed within the time allotted.  Then, see if the others can actually figure out what it was you created!

9.  Get baking. If you have the ingredients for your favorite cookies, cakes or  anything else you can think of, why not let the kids help?  We actually turn our time into lessons like “if I have 1 egg here and add one more egg, how many will I have” or even “If I need 3/4 of a cup and only have 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 cup sizes, what do I do to add the correct amount?”  They don’t realize that they are learning – which is the best kind of fun!

10.  Indoor Treasure or Scavenger Hunt. This is a fun one for my kids.  I will make a treasure map with clues to the next location hidden as they find each note.  The end has a hidden treasure for them!  One other thing I’ve done is to create an indoor scavenger hunt.  It is fun to come up with crazy things to find.  You could make this more difficult for older kids by making up riddles for the things they need to find instead of just listing them on the sheet.

The ideas of things to do on a day like this are endless. These are just a few that we’ve done at my house.  What do you do when it is a snow day?