Grocery Store Savings Tips On Meat, Dairy and More!

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How to Save Money on Bread, Meat, Milk and Produce!  #groceries  #budget
Saving  money seems pretty simple when you see a sale and a coupon.  But how do you save on those items you need which never have coupons?  You know the items I am referring to — meats, dairy, produce and breads.   Believe it or not, you really can save on these items, even if you don’t have a coupon!

Below find some easy tips on saving on your dairy, meat, produce and bread/grain items.  Even when you don’t have coupons, it doesn’t mean you can’t still save money!!




Know Your Dairy Prices.   Many times, stores like Aldi sell milk at a much lower price than your regular store or even larger chains.  I actually see milk priced at $1.99 – $2.49 a gallon compared to $3.49 – $3.89 in the grocery store.  For that savings, it can be worth stopping by your store.

Shop the Store Brands.  Did you know that store brands are big brands with a store label on them?   The store brands are oftentimes priced at a lower price than those with a label on them.  Just avoiding the brand labels can help you to save.

Pay Attention To Dates.   Read the dates on your packages.  If you know you will not consume items past the Best If Use By date, then it could result in wasted food and wasted money.

  • “Sell-By”  — This is the date by which the store can display the item for sale.  If you find an item past this date, it does not mean it is bad, but you might get a discount.   In most cases, you should purchase the item prior to this date to allow time for consumption before quality begins to decline.
  • “Best if Used By” — This date is reflected to let you know the date recommended for best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.
  • “Use-By” — This date is the last date that the manufacturer recommends you use the product.  Again, this is not a safety issue, but a quality issue.

Stock up when on sale.  It just makes sense that when you find a great deal on products that you purchase additional items and save them in your freezer.  You can even do this on milk — just pour a bit into a glass and then put the cap back on and it can be frozen!




Shop in the early morning.  Many times, the meat items which are nearing the sell by dates will be discounted at this time of the day.  Even if you don’t plan on eating it right away, just take it home and freeze it.

Buy in bulk.  Many times, you can get your meat at a reduced price per pound if you buy a larger quantity at once.  You don’t want it to go to waste, so purchase freezer bags and break it out into smaller sized portions and freeze it.  Make sure you note what it is and the date frozen on it, so you make sure to use it up before it become freezer burned.

Purchase larger sizes.  If you buy a whole chicken and then cut it up yourself, you can often times pay less.  When I an item is cut up for you, you do pay more for that convenience.  Finding these items can save you money.

Check out your butchers.  Sometimes, you can find a lower price at these stores.  It never hurts to look into using them.

Avoid the Deli.  I’ve purchase both packaged and deli meats and to be honest, I can not tell too much difference.  Not only that, packaged items often have coupons whereas deli meats usually do not.



Weigh everything.  When you’re buying product that is a set price for a package, like $1 for a 2lb bag of carrots, take an extra minute and weight 3 or 4 bags.  The suppliers can have a +/- of a certain weight on the package and still be within the guidelines to sell the product.  So if you weight the package you’ll be able to get more product for your money.

Check packaging.  Items are sometimes sold by a flat price in containers.  Check these and find those with more quantity inside (you can weight them as well).  Sometimes, you will get more bang for your buck.

Always buy in season.  When you try to buy an item out of season, you will pay more for it.  Therefore, plan your dining and meals around the items in season.

Forget the store completely.  Why not grow your own?  You can do a raised garden bed or perhaps even find a community garden where you can work with others to reap a great crop.  You can save money plus feel good about growing it yourself.

Check out canned or frozen.  If you are using your item as part of an larger entree, this can be a way to cut down on cost (and time).  Just double check the packaging content.



Bread outlet stores.  Many brands of bread have outlet or day old stores.  The bread that is left on the truck at the end of the day that stores didn’t need, or that they pulled because it was within a day or two of the sell by date go to these stores and are marked down for quick sale.  You can typically find bread anywhere from 50%-75% off of the store retail price.  Many times, you can find items like specialty whole wheat breads for only $1 when they retail for around $4 at the stores.

Make your own. Bread is actually pretty easy to make. You can find great easy recipes in well known cookbooks like Better Home & Gardens.  Even without using coupons and stocking up on ingredients you can cut your cost by at least 50% on a loaf of bread.  Homemade bread can also be frozen, so you can bake 4-6 loaves in one day and freeze all but one and thaw them as needed.  A bread machine is an investment, but it makes the process of making bread take you about 5-10 mins and almost gaurentees a loaf everytime that comes out right!

Stock up when on sale. It just makes sense that when you find a great deal on products that you purchase additional items and save them in your freezer. Whether you make your own, find a good sale, or make a monthly trip to the outlet store you can freeze.

Stick with the store brand.  Just because it has your store name on it does not mean it is lower quality.  Store brands are in name brands in a different wrapper.  Try them – you just might be surprised that you can not tell the difference.

Make your own croutons.  Bread can dry out before you use it.  You can save that bread and make your own croutons – saving yourself money.  There are many recipes out there — here is one idea.

Rice in bulk.  Rice is one of those staples that you can find in most bulk food stores.  Whether it is a natural food stores, specialty asian food store, or in an Amish community, rice is a reasonably priced grain that you can buy in bulk to get the best price and it stores well for a long time.

Did you learn a few new tips or ideas?  Perhaps there are more you know of which are not listed here.  Please share with us by leaving a comment below!

Swiffer Printable Coupon = Free (And Even A Money Maker)

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swiffer coupons


Yesterday, I shared the newest printable coupons for Swiffer products.


This week, Target is offering a free $10 Target Gift card with the purchase of select P&G Products — one of which is Swiffer!  Here are some deal ideas:

Thanks Totally Target!



ZipList: Free App To Help You Find Grocery Deals and Create Your OWN List!

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zip list shopping app


Have you heard of ZipList?  It is a FREE (yes FREE) service that you can use on your phone, tablet or computer to help you create your shopping list, plan meals, find deals and more!  It was created to help simplify your life.  Here is how it works:

ziplist 2




Zip List will help you master the art of shopping — more quickly!!  All of the items on your shopping list are grouped by aisle – which saves you time!

Zip List helps you stay organized so that you never forget those items you need!






ziplist 3




ZipList helps you find the deals in your local area!  Just tell them where you shop and they track down the deals!

Just look for the dollar sign on your Zip List shopping list for items which will allow you to save even more!







zip list 3


Zip List has a HUGE database of recipes – more than 100,000!!   If you find a recipe you love, just click on add to list and all of the ingredients are automatically added to your list!






ziplist 4



Zip List has an app which you can put right onto your phone (for free).  You can shop smarter:

  • See items sorted by how you shop.
  • Sync across all devices at any time — even share with your family and friends!
  • Add tags to your items to quickly organize them.
  • Scan barcodes to add items to your list.
  • See all recipes you love in one location.







Have you tried Zip List yet?   What do you think?

BuyCostumes – 25% off of EVERYTHING

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Halloween will be here before you know it!  You can get a jump on your holiday by getting your costumes purchased today only, September 2nd, on  Just use the coupon code ORANGE25 at checkout and you’ll save 25% off of everything on their site!

Here are a few deal ideas:



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Pantene Stock Up Deal at Rite Aid (9 Bottles for $5)

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stock up
Wow!  Do I sure wish I had a Rite Aid close to my home!!!  Reader Angela shared a great deal with me.

This week, you can work you money saving magic and pick up not 1 – not even 3 — but NINE bottles of Pantene products for a grand total of $5 (after all offers and promos)!   Here is how this deal will break down for you:


Iams Cat Food Printable Coupon = $4.47 at Walmart

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iams coupons -

One of the newest coupons available to print is $2.00 off of one IAMS cat food.  These bags sell for $6.47 at Walmart, making them $4.47 after using your coupon!

Free Apples Learning Pack (PreK – K)

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I am LOVING all of these free printables for kids!  Frugal Homeschool Family has another one for you — this time it is an Apples Learning Pack for kids ages Pre-K through K.  Just click the link on her site and follow the steps to download yours!

Tai Pein Entrees Just $1.50 each at Walmart

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tai pei coupon


Walmart sells Tai Pei entrees for $2 each.  There is a printable coupon available to save $1.00 off of two Tai Pei Single Serve Entrees or Appetizers (up to 14.2 oz).  That makes them $1.50 each after your coupon!

Check out our Coupon Database to find even more great printable coupons!!

Free LEGO Racing Plane Mini Model Build Tonight

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free lego

Live near a LEGO store?  Tonight, your kids can stop by and enjoy a FREE build!!  They will be able to create this fun mini racing plan.

Quantities are limited.  The event is for kids ages 6 – 14.  Find a LEGO Store near you here.

Thanks Matt!

This Week’s BEST Laundry Product Deals

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This Week's Best Laundry Deals | #deals #coupons #laundry #save money

In order to help YOU save money, we’ve got a round up of this week’s best Laundry Detergent deals!  We include only those national stores, such as Target, CVS, etc.

$10 CVS Card wyb $30 Limit 1
Dollar General
$10+UP wyb $30 of the following Limit 1
Gift Card Deals
Earn 5000 ($5.00) Points WYB $20 or More of Participating Products