Amazon 20th Anniversary Sale Coming Up (Think Black Friday Types of Deals)

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Amazon Anniversary Sale is coming up soon!!!

I know how much you all love the hot deals you can score during Black Friday Week – so I’m excited to share with you another chance – before November!

Amazon is getting ready to celebrate it’s 20 year anniversary.  How would they do that?  But with amazing deals of course!!  Starting the week of July 12th, you will be able to score various HOT deals — similar to some of those we usually see reserved for the holidays!

If you ever shop Amazon during that time of the year, you know how very difficult it can be to score a deal.  It seems that you do all you can and STILL are not fast enough to place your order.

We’ve got a few tips you can use (some to set up right now) to help you make sure you get those items you want — before someone else is quicker than you!


Set up One Touch Ordering. This is a great feature because you can click one simple button and your order will be placed.  No adding to your cart, going through checkout and then missing out because you were not quick enough.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Click on 1-Click Settings (under Settings)
    Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.33.52 AM
  3. If your address is already entered, confirm it is correct.  If you do not see it there, click the Enter a New Address button and fill out the form.
  4. Then, you will want to confirm your settings and payment options.
    Shipping – choose standard (3 – 5 day); two-day or one-day as your standard method.
    Payment – select or enter the credit/debit card you wish to use as your payment method.
  5. Finally, you will need to activate this feature.  Just click that button in the upper corner.
    Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.37.27 AM

Now you are set!  When you shop, you will see a one-click button as an ordering option.  Just hit that and your order will automatically be placed for you!


Sign up for Amazon Prime.  There are many times that some of the best deals are only available to Prime members.  They may also offer early access to lightning deals to members (which means if you are not one, you may miss out).

If you have not yet signed up, you can try it for free for 30 days.  Absolutely no obligation and you get all of the benefits of the service, including that free shipping on any purchase.  If you find that you use it frequently, you can continue annually for $99.

Amazon Prime is SO much more than free shipping!  You can get free videos, music, photo storage….and more!  I truly feel that it pays for itself for me time and time again every year. You may want to read more about How Amazon Prime is Worth the Cost, and then get signed up!


Always sign up for the Wait List. If you miss out on a Lightning Deal, don’t just walk away. There is still a chance for you to get that deal!  Just sign up for the wait list as if that item becomes available, you can still buy it! There are things you need to do though, to ensure you don’t miss out:

  • STAY ON AMAZON!  Do not leave or log out.  Instead, stay on your page because if you are given the chance to buy from the wait list, you will have just 3 minutes to finalize your purchase (this is when One Step Checkout is awesome).
  • Keep refreshing your page every minute or so.  That way, you will have the current information about the deal.


Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom. When we have these types of events, we usually will post more frequently, to ensure that we help you score one of those fantastic deals!  You don’t want to wait for the daily newsletter to come out, so you will want to make sure that you follow along and watch our site frequently so you don’t miss out.  Here are some ways to do that:

  • Follow us on Facebook.  While we know Facebook shows you what they WANT you to see, you can still stay up to date and see every post we share.  Just create a LIST and add us to that.  You can also join our GROUP, which has a greater chance of popping up in your newsfeed.
  • Catch us on Twitter. If you love to Tweet, you will want to follow us there as every post is shared that way – and we try to include a photo if we can (so you can see the deal before you click on over).
  • Download the mobile app.  If you are on your phone frequently, this is another way to just check the site and see if there are new posts.  The app is completely free and can be found on both the Android and Apple Markets.

So now you know – so get ready! We will be watching on our end too and will do our best to get those hot deals sent your way as quickly as we can!!!

Powerwheel Upcycle: From Pink and Girly to Black and ALL Boy!

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My son is a bit obsessed with playing police.  He has a ride on motorcycle, clothes, badges, handcuffs….you name it and he’s probably got it!  He dresses up every single day and plays police officer non-stop.

He informed us that every good police officer needs to have a car to drive – not just a motorcycle.  His sister had a pink Barbie Mustang sitting in the garage which she rarely used anymore.  Garrett (my son) would create his own police stickers and did all he could to make that pink car a bit more masculine (to no avail).  So, one day, I mentioned that maybe we could turn that pink car into a police car and he ran with it!

He and his dad got busy going to work.  He picked up 2 cans of black spray paint (the kind specially designed to adhere to plastic surfaces).  Then, they took it all apart and got busy transforming the color from pink to black!

First, they removed the seat, steering wheel, dashboard, insides and the battery:


Then, they taped off the wheels and got busy spraying:


Once that was done, I took the decals off of the door, dash and other items (carefully peeled them up).  Then, sprayed them all black and while it was still wet, pushed the decals back into place (and they dried to the plastic when the paint dried.

Now the car was all black, but he still needed the one feature that all cars have — a light bar.  My husband thought about making something out of wood and attaching it, but I thought of something else.  I picked up a pool noodle and cut it to the right length so it would fit on the windshield.  I then split the back so it could slide on with ease.  Finally, I sprayed it red, white and blue – so it looked just like a light bar!


The last detail we needed for the car was decals.  I did not want to spend a LOT of money on this at all, so I started to look around on Etsy. I found some older style Little Tikes decals that were sold by a toy store and they ended up working perfectly!!!  They ended up costing me around $22 (with shipping), which was less than I was able to find them anywhere else.


The end result was amazing!  Our son is beyond thrilled and for less than a total cost of $35 (3 cans of spray paint, decals and a pool noodle), we were done!  It really did not take too long for us to do – maybe 3 hours or so from start to finish (not counting drying time).


What do you think?




Simply Balanced Snack Kits = 40% Cartwheel

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Simply Balanced Snacks(1)

These Simply Balanced Snack Kits make for the perfect afternoon snack or even for a light lunch! Pick you up some today at Target for ONLY $2.28 when you use a 40% Cartwheel!

Old Navy: Free 2 Day Shipping on $25+ AND Save 35% off Your Purchase

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Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.46.34 AM

Old Navy is offering FREE SHIPPING on your purchase of $25 or more!  That is a rare discount as it is always $50 and that is for regular delivery service!  This offer is valid at Old Navy, Gap and even Athleta!!!!

To make this deal even better, you can save 35% off of your purchase with the code HOLIDAY!  This code is different than what you will see when you visit their site (as that is only a 35% discount).

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.50.21 AM

This offer is valid today only, June 30th, so make sure you shop while you can get these great discounts!

Click HEREto Shop

LOTS of Suave Store Deals!

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suave professionals coupons

You can get a variety of Suave products for as low as $1.00 this week when you use coupons from last Sunday’s paper! Here’s the deals we found for you:


This Week’s BEST Laundry Product Deals 6/28 – 7/4

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This Week's Best Laundry Deals | #deals #coupons #laundry #save money

In order to help YOU save money, we’ve got a round up of this week’s best Laundry Detergent deals!  We include only those national stores, such as Target, CVS, etc.


Provide search term and click 'Search'
Dollar General
Buy 5 Items and Save $5.00 Instantly
Rite Aid
Gift Card Deals

25% Cartwheel on ALL Flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch @ Target!

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Hidden Valley Ranch

What goes great with all those fresh garden veggies this summer? Hidden Valley Ranch thats what will go great and right now you can pick up any flavor and size for with a 25% Cartwheel at Target AND use a coupon – making it just $1.25 a bottle!

64% Off Disney Princess Magazine – Only $13.99 a Year!!

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dashed (46)

Here’s a GREAT deal on a magazine for your own princess.  You can order Disney Princess magazine for only $13.99 per year.  You will need to use the code PENNYPINCH at checkout in order to have the price drop.

Disney’s Princess is a bi-monthly Fun to Learn magazine for girls ages 4-9. Each issue is filled with magical stories, fun projects, games, activities, and more. This magazine subscription is narrated by Disney’s leading ladies like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White and every issue features a pull out poster your child can hang on her wall.

1 year subscription for $13.99 (64% off) with code PENNYPINCH

2 year subscription for $27.98 (64% off) with code PENNYPINCH

This offer expires at Wednesday 7/01/15 11:59 PM EST

Cheap Coppertone!

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coppertone coupons

Check out these deals we found for Coppertone! You can never have enough sunscreen in the summer!


Join Yankee Candle Fan Club – Get Rewarded for Shopping!

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Yankee candle rewards

It seems that many stores offer some sort of rewards program in return for you shopping with them.  I just learned that one of my favorite places to shop (for me) has one too!  YEAH!!!!

I was shopping at our local Yankee Candle store this week and met a wonderful woman who shared an in-store special where items were marked down 50% off AND they had a bonus 10% off.  That made for amazing deals.

Upon further discussion I found out that she follows our page!  Even more thrills!!  She then shared with me the newest program which was just launched called Yankee Candle Fan Club.

You create your account (for free) and then, when you shop, you earn points for your purchases.  Those points are turned into cash vouchers, which you can use towards a future purchase!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.14.10 PM

Like I said, you can join for free.  Right now, they do not have the availability to sign you up in the store, so you can do so on line.  It takes just a few minutes.  And, right now when you sign up, they will give you 3,000 bonus points!!  I love free points!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.14.23 PM

Once you create your account,  you can more points by following them on various social media sites, such as Pinterest and Twitter.  If you sign up for emails you will also earn points.  Of course, for every dollar you spend, you will be rewarded with 100 points!

When you reach 10,000 points, you will receive a $5 voucher.  If you do everything available to you right now, you will get a grand total of  6,800 points just for getting signed up.  That doesn’t even include any purchases you make.

You can enter past receipts into your account (as long as it has not been more than 90 days).  Then, when you shop in the store, make sure you give them your attached email address and then your purchase will automatically be applied to your account.  If you shop online, just make sure that the email you use for your purchase is also the same as your account to get rewards.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get signed up today!

Join Now