Ten Ways to Save Money While Losing Weight

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Check out these TEN TIPS which will not only help you shrink your waistline, but also increase your savings!!!!

We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is good for us, but did you know that doing so can also save you money? It is true.  From fewer days missed at work to reduced doctors visits, it really can put more money in your wallet if you are healthy!

The problem with losing weight is that there are these magic pills or programs you are being told to try in order to lose weight.  You really don’t want to fall for these as you will often not only lose nothing, but will end up paying money you could have put to better use.  Some of them make you purchase special food, but what happens when you reach your goal and go back to your regular food? Will the weight stay off or will you end up where you started.

Check out these ten ways that you can save money, all while losing weight!

1.  Visit the Farmer’s market for produce.  As we move into spring, local Farmer’s markets will be coming back again.  Not only can you save on the cost of your produce, you also know where  your food came from.  Often times, you don’t know how long items have been in your grocery store nor the chemicals or other items used to help them grow.  When you stick with a Farmer’s market, you are getting your items right from the garden to your table – no middle man.  That saves you money and also gives you peace of mind.

The key is to shop towards closing time.  They are usually more willing to make a deal on the items you buy and might even toss in freebies!!!

2.  Use your own workout program.  If you need help getting started and tracking your calories, carbs, exercise and more, you can sign up for FREE at SparkPeople.com.  This is a free site which does all of the counting and tracking for you.  They have all sorts of diet plans, recipes and more!

This will save you money from that gym membership you never use.  You also don’t need to use Weight Watchers, NutriSystem or one of the other paying programs – all while still getting the benefits!

3.  Use dessert plates.  When we fill our plates at dinner, we use our plate to gauge how much food to eat.  If you use a smaller plate, you will consume less as there isn’t room on the plate for more!  Just make sure that you don’t go back for seconds!  ;-)

The way that this saves money is that you eat less, which makes the food last longer, which saves you trips to the store!

4.   Use Diet Bet to get paid.  This is actually a fun one!  You can actually earn money when you lose weight. You simply place a small wager (anywhere from $10 – $50) that you can lose a certain percentage of body weight over a set period of time.  People all over the country place bets and at the end of the time period, those who reached the goal get to split the winnings!  Learn more about DietBet.com.

Even if this one doesn’t work for you, get some friends together so that you can be accountable to one another.  Just knowing someone is doing this with you can sometimes give you the motivation you need.  You could even set up your own diet bet with them!!

5. Cut your meal in half for tomorrow.  When you cook your meal for dinner, serve it to yourself.  Before you take a bite, take half of your food and place it into a container for your lunch at work for the following day.  You are instantly cutting your food intake AND covering your lunch for the next day.  Just by taking your lunch instead of dining out, you not only control what you eat – but also help your wallet!

6.  Put your Activity Tracker to work for you.  So many of us have these trackers.  There are actually LOTS of ways you can get paid to use yours!  Check out this post all about the various programs you can use to get paid just for walking!

7.  Cut out the soda.  This may sounds so simple, but can be difficult to do!  If you can increase your water intake, you can actually cut out cravings and eating.  In fact, when you feel you are hungry, just drink a full glass of water first and you might find that you aren’t really hungry after all.

Not only is it better for you, but the cost savings are huge!  Let’s say you pick up your 12 packs for just $3 each and consume 1 a week.  That is 52*$3 = $156 a year.  This doesn’t count the additional costs when you order a soda with your meal or stop by the store and grab one on the go.

8.  Plan your meals and snacks.  I talk about this one quite a bit, but it is simply the easiest way to cut your food bill.  Sit down once a week and plan your meals and snacks.  Then, make your shopping list from your menu plan.  This will ensure you not only have the foods you need for those meals and snacks, but save you a trip to the store (or grabbing dinner from the local fast food joint on the way home from work).

Here’s a simple way to look at this savings.  If you spend an additional $20 a week eating dinner out, that is a total of $1,040 in a year – just on food!  That same $20 might cover 2 or 3 meals or your snacks at home instead!  That is instant money n your pocket!

Read more about Menu Planning here.

9. Go for a walk instead of visiting the store.  Many times, we go to the store out of boredom.  Why not go for a walk instead – or do some jumping jacks or other activity.  Get out with the kids and play ball or tag.  Swap that need to shop to stay at home instead and you’ll not only save money and get healthy – but you get the bonus of spending time with your family too!

10.  Do your own work.  Each week I clean my own house.  It take me around 2 1/2 hours to get it all done – and then a bit longer to finish the laundry and get it put away.  I wear my FitBit in doing this and every time, I hit nearly 10,000 steps.  That is just walking.  That doesn’t count the workout my arms get.

You can also do your own raking, shoveling and more – all of that saves you money in paying someone else to do it – and you get the benefit of exercise!

What other things do you do to help cut your waistline and increase your budget?


Free Kindle and Nook Books for Today – March 3, 2015

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Free Kindle and Nook Books Downloads | www.pennypinchinmom.com  #free #kindle #nook #books #readingHere is today’s list of FREE Kindle and Nook Books for March 3, 2015. Remember that you do not need to own a Kindle to read these books. You can download the free Kindle app to your tablet, smartphone or other electronic device and can read any Kindle books.

** These books are all free as of the time we do the post. Prices change quickly on Amazon, so if you don’t see that it is free, that is why. Just make sure you check the price before you download.

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NOTE: If you happen to inadvertently purchase a Kindle which is no longer free, you can get a refund. Learn more about Kindle Return Policies.   free nook free fiction books

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**Prices and availability subject to change. Make sure you confirm the price prior to purchase. If the price noted above differs from what you see on line, it simply means that this deal has expired since the time it was posted.

Do You BackUp Your Devices? Save 75% off Right Now!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.11.29 AM

We live in a digital age.  There is no denying that.  We use computers for work, tablets for play and phones for connecting. There are times when we do more work on tablets and phones than conventional desktops or laptops!

Given that fact, what would happen if your device crashed or happened to be stolen?  Would you still have your photos? What about your emails or documents?  Sure, you can back up certain items to your cloud or other service, but is it automatically done for you?  In many cases, it is not.  You have to remember to do and if you don’t, well, you can find yourself in a world of hurt.

I’ve actually lost 2 hard drives — within 10 days of one another!  Fortunately, I noticed the drive was going out and backed up my files.  However, I could have lost it all.  Photos, emails, documents and more. It would have been devastating to lose it all.  Since that happened, I do all I can to back up our files all of the time.  I have our computers set up for an autoback up to a service.  However, what about our tablets and phones?  I had not thought about that, until I was contacted by iDrive.

iDrive is relatively new, but they are making a huge impact in the technology field.  They have created a system which backs up all of your devices — yes unlimited!  I have found sites which do this, but for each one above 3 or 5, you pay more money.  I just want to pay one fee and know that everything is backed up!

I actually counted the devices we have in our home. Between computers, phones and tablets, we have more than TEN.  (Gosh, that sounds like a lot – but with 5 family members, it actually makes sense).  What would happen if we lost those devices.  No more photos.  It would be gone in an instant.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.26.29 AM

I just started using iDrive for our backup – and absolutely love it!  Like I said, I am not limited to the number of devices we can use, which is such a huge savings.  I also love that all of our files are synced in real time!  Check out all that this service has to offer:

  • Universal on-line back up. All devices are sync’d into a single account.  You can also back up data from mapped drives.
  • 3 TB of Backup. Files can be retrieved in less than a week (via storage shipment).  That way, you don’t use bandwith to get your files.
  • Secure.  They use 256-bit AES encryption which attaches a user-defined key which is not stored anywhere. That means even iDrive can’t access your files (so make sure you write this down and keep it handy as they can’t retrieve it for you).
  • Fast.  It uses both incremental and compressed backups to ease bandwith usage.
  • Real time backup.  It actually recognizes when a change is made and backs it up right away.
  • Share your folders.  You can actually share files, folders and images via email, Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Remote management.  You can access your backed up files, settings and more from any browser.
  • Facebook and Instagram backup.  Back up these images as well!
  • Archived.  All files are saved until YOU delete them.  They will not remove any data for you.  You actually run an Archive Cleaner to match computer data to your account.
  • …… and more!

Just about anyone with a device really needs to take steps to ensure that your data is backed up.  You could pay a lot for this, but we’ve got a deal EXCLUSIVE for our readers!  Rather than paying the annual fee of $59.50, you can save 75% and get one year for only $14.88!!  That is HUGE!

You’ve got to check into this – it really is something you can’t afford not to do!

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Chadwick’s Dress & Shoes Review

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Review of Chadwick's Dress & Shoes

When I was first starting out as a young professional, I lived in a small town in western Kansas.  So small in fact, that we did not really have any stores where I could find clothes for work.  That meant I did a lot of catalog shopping (this was before the days of the Internet  — yes – I am THAT old)!

My room mate and I would sit for hours with the catalogs which came in the mail and find the items we wanted.  We’d order together so that we could share the shipping charges.  The main catalog of choice for us?  Chadwick’s of Boston.

When the catalog would arrive, we’d splurge and order in dinner and sit down and go through it together, making note of all of the items we wanted to buy.  We’d each then finalize our list and order what we could afford at that time.  It was like Christmas when the box would arrive and we’d have a fashion show for one another!

After moving to the city, I moved to shopping more in the stores (as I actually had stores which sold clothes).  However, becoming a mom and busy with my site, the time to get to the store started to diminish.  Enter once again — shopping from home.  However, this time, it became the internet.

Chadwick’s was still on my mind as I always loved the clothes and the prices were always very well within my budget.  So, when they reached out and asked me to complete a review for them, I knew that I was the perfect person to do that!

I looked through the absolutely gorgeous spring collection to see what they had available. In doing so, I was keeping in mind that my son was making his First Communion in April, I would want something new to wear.  I decided on the Slimming Pleated Crosscross Waist Dress (in pink) and Strappy Sandals (in pink) — both pictured above.

They arrived timely and well packaged.  I tried on the dress and it fit perfectly! Not only that, but I felt slimmer.  So the description “slimming” was 100% on the mark.  I felt beautiful, slender and so attractive in this dress. The pleats hid all of those “less than perfect” areas on my body.  It hugged in the right places and hung perfectly on my body.  To say that I am in love with this dress may sound a bit far fetched, but I am.

dress 2

I also decided to step out of my comfort zone and get colored shoes to match! I am usually more practical and pick up neutral shoes so that I can wear them with more than one thing.  However, I will now admit that shoes really can make a difference.  When I buckled them up while wearing the dress, I felt so good about myself.  I wasn’t just a mom – I was a woman.  I felt so pretty and pulled together.  I felt confident.


I have since been looking to purchase some more dresses and other items from Chadwick’s of Boston.  The prices are affordable — the dress is only $59.99 and the shoes were just $29.99.  So for less than $100, I have an absolutely gorgeous outfit that I will be proud to wear when we are in church together, as a family, next month.



Disclosure: I received the products for this review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Chadwick’s or any other party.

Taste of Home Magazine — Just $6.25 per Year

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taste of home

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE magazines!  I find some of the best new recipes for our family — some of which are now our regular go to meals!

Today only, March 3rd, you can order Taste of Home Magazine for just $6.25 per year — up to 3 years!  Just make sure you use the code PENNYPINCH at checkout, so that you get the discount applied to your purchase.

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Save 50% off of 7 for All Mankind Jeans

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Today, Amazon is offering 50% off of select styles of 7 For All Mankind Jeans for both Women and Men!  If you’ve ever priced these before, you know they cost $150 and more for just one pair!  Find deals on these is pretty rare, so saving 50% off of a single pair is an absolute find!!

The prices run from $84.50 – $99 (and will ship for free)!  This offer is available today only, March 3rd.

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**Prices and availability subject to change. Make sure you confirm the price prior to purchase. If the price noted above differs from what you see on line, it simply means that this deal has expired since the time it was posted.

Personalized Pet Tag Just $3.99 Shipped ($6.99 Savings)

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pet tagShutterfly is offering everyone a FREE pet tag!! The tag itself is free, you will have to cover the shipping costs – around $3.99!  These are so cute and available for your cat, dog (or even pig, lizard or chicken)!!

Just visit Shutterfly to create yours.  Then, at checkout, use the code BESTFRIEND and you’ll pay only $3.99!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.42.23 AM

This offer is good through tomorrow, March 4, 2015.

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74% Off Dwell Magazine – Just $4.99 A Year!

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Here is a fun magazine!  You can pick up a subscription to Dwell Magazine for only $4.99 per year (74% off)! You can order up to 2 years at this price! Add this magazine to your shopping cart and then enter the coupon code pennypinch and then you will see the price drop!  This deal is good until Wednesday 3/4/15 at 11:59 PM EST.

Dwell champions an aesthetic in home design that is modern, idea-driven, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Written for young, intelligent consumers, dwell helps people shape their own living spaces Dwell champions an aesthetic in home design that is modern, idea-driven, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Written for young, intelligent consumers, dwell helps people shape their own living spaces in ways that express beauty, simplicity, comfort, and new sense of openness, and new sense of openness.


Walmart Weekly Coupon & Deals Matchups for the Week Of 3/1 – 3/7

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Walmart has an on-line coupon policy you can read (and print) it from here. You can also view their price match policy here.


Below you will find this week’s Walmart matchups.  Since there is not always a weekly ad, these are matchups using the coupons which recently became available to print and from this past weekend’s coupon inserts.   As a reminder,  prices can very from region to region, so there may be pricing differences where you shop!


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Free Pancakes TODAY at IHOP!!!

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Today is IHOP’s National Pancake Day! You can get a FREE Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes!

Please don’t forget, the reason for the free pancakes is to help raise money (& awareness) for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If you can, please remember to donate.