Carefree Pantiliners Just $0.50 at Walmart

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There was another new coupon which came out in this past weekend’s Smart Source insert to save $0.50 off of one Carefree product.  Walmart sells 22 count packages of pantiliners for only $0.94 – making them only $0.44 after the coupon!

How to Create an After School Schedule

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Creating an After School Schedule |  #backtoschool #schedule #organize #timemanagement


There is a lot of great information out there to help make your morning routine go more smoothly (we’ve even got one HERE).  However, what about after school?  The kids come bursting through the door and seems that chaos begins.  There are shoes, backpacks, homework, snacks…..and and can quickly drive mom insane!

The trick is to create a routine.  When you have a routine, everyone knows what to do and can help keep a good rhythm running in your house.  Of course, you may need to tailor this to each child, depending up on age an maturity.  Even my own kids are different and so the way I run our routine differs a bit for each of them.

No matter your child’s age, there are things each of them can do.  For us it is simple,  they have 3 things they need to do the minute they walk into the door:

  1. Place your backpack where it belongs.  For us it is the bench in the entryway, so that I can go through them to get out papers and things I need.  As they get older, they will have to take out those things and then hang it up.
  2. Place your shoes next to the bench so they are ready for the next day.  We don’t have our kids put tennies in their rooms during the week.  This is one thing we do right away, which helps us the following day!
  3. Grab a snack.  We have a snack basket, filled with “mom approved” snacks, for them to tackle.  This helps mom by not having to take the time to get them a snack, while making sure they are eating something which I say is OK (I will post more about a snack basket soon).

Once these things are done, I allow my kids at least 30 minutes of free time.  That can be playing with toys, watching a TV show or playing with an electronic.  My oldest has Karate, which runs on a set schedule.  This is part of her routine and she knows that she has to put her uniform on at 5 pm on those evenings, so we can get out the door shortly after Dad gets home.

After they have their free time, they have to do their chores.  These are simple things such as picking up their rooms (as needed), putting away the clean clothes on their bed or helping mom with other little tasks.  We want our kids to know that they have to contribute to running our household – mom is not here to serve them.

We have dinner between 5:30 and 6:00 pm every night.  Part of our routine is 3 kids – so 3 chores.  We rotate between:  setting the table, clearing the table and loading the dishwasher.  They know that Mom (or sometimes Dad) cooks the meal and they have to be a part of that in some way.    By having dinner a bit earlier, we are alway done with it all by 6:30 pm, which allows time for other tasks.

If your children bring homework home with them, a good time to do this is right after dinner is done and the dishes are washed.  They’ve already had their “down time” so they can now focus on homework and studies.  We have our kids do this in their rooms, where it is quiet and they can focus.  Of course, there are times when the kitchen table works better, so we just turn off the television so that it is quiet and they can concentrate and quickly get their work done.

Bath time is another things our kids do every night.  A bath helps them relax and washes off all of that dirt and grime they’ve picked up on the school bus and playground.  We usually try to do baths by 7:00 each evening.  This again, gives our kids a chance to have a few more minutes of playtime before they hear the “B” word — BEDTIME!!!

While they do go to bed when we tell them to, they don’t always like it.  Our youngest kids still love a story at bedtime.  For that reason, they have to head up to bed at 7:45 so they can go to the bathroom, brush their teeth and have time for that story.  It is lights out at 8 pm.   Our oldest is allowed to stay up until 9 pm, but we have her go up a few minutes early so that she too can brush her teeth before climbing into bed.

Of course, if you are mom who works out of the home, you will have to make adjustments as you may not walk through the door with everyone until 5:30.  If you find you get home a bit later, you can just pick up from dinnertime noted above through bedtime.  You can have your kids do their chores while you are fixing dinner, so that once you are through eating, you can move into homework, baths and bed.

Whatever you do, try to set a regular routine for your kids.  They need to know what comes next and it really helps reduce stress (and even tears)!


Gerber Good Start Printable Coupons + Store Deal Ideas

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There are two higher value printable coupons to help you save money on your next Gerber Good Start Formula purchase:

Both Walmart and Target sell these 23.2 oz tubs for around $26:



Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmers Coupon– Possibly FREE!

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Print this coupon to save $2.00 off of two Glade Products.  Follow the steps below and you can pick them up for FREE!

Free Triaminic Cold & Allergy at Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree sells Triaminic Cold & Allergy for just $1 each!  You can register on the Triaminic website and you’ll receive a coupon to save $1.00 off of your next purchase – which makes this free!

Lane Bryant: Buy 1 Get 1 Free On the ENTIRE Store!

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Wow!  Check out this Lane Bryant deal!  Right now, all items are Buy 1 Get 1 Free both online and in select stores!  And easier way to look at this is to say everything is 50% off (just need to make sure you purchase items in even numbers).  You will need to use the coupon code HURRAHLB at checkout, or the discount will not be applied to your purchase.

Visit to start shopping – or contact your local store to see if they are running this promotion closer to where you live.

*This offer is valid through September 1, 2014.


Littlest Pet Shop Pawsabilities Printable Coupon = $1.48 Each at Walmart!

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Grab this new printable coupon — Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pawsabilities printable coupon (up to $5.99 value).  Walmart sells these for just $2.96, making them only $1.48 each after using your coupon!  The holidays will be here before you know it – and these would make PERFECT stocking stuffers!

There are currently no items in this list.

American Eagle Oufitters: 25% off and Free Shipping on ALL Orders

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American Eagle has kicked off it’s Labor Day sale!  Right now, you can save 25% off of your entire purchase AND score free shipping!  To get the discount, enter the coupon code 952367P1 at checkout.

Make sure you visit the Clearance Section.  They are offering an additional 50% off of the lowest price.  Not only that, but you can STACK this code with your purchase!  Take a look at this shirt.  The original list price was $15.95, but it is just $4.50 after the discounts!!!! (Ignore the Shoprunner free shipping wording — the site has free shipping for everyone and it is not limited to only Shoprunner customers):


Visit American Eagle and get your shopping done!

*Offer valid through September 1, 2014.

Silk Printable Coupon = $1.98 at Walmart!

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We’ve got a new printable coupon available to save $1.00 off of one Silk Half Gallon.  You can find these priced in the $3 range at both Target and Walmart, making for a great deal!


Minecraft Complete Handbook Collection Available for Pre-Order

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Complete Handbook Collection

My kids LOVE Minecraft.  While we do limit computer and electronics time, I love watching them create buildings and so much more.  They are so proud when they come running and say “Mom – look at my house I built!”  I have to admit that they are better at this then I know I could EVER be!

There are Minecraft Books available – which not only encourages reading, but helps them learn even more about this game that they love.  The books include:

One more book will be joining the collection this next month and it is called Minecraft: Construction Handbook.  These books average in price from $6.79 – $7.19 each – and they are Hardcover books – not paperbacks!

However, if you want to get a better deal, you can go ahead and pre-order the Complete Minecraft Book Collection for just $23.01!  Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members, otherwise, you will have to pay shipping.

What would be even better is if you made your purchase of these books — and helped out your local school!  Not only that, but these individual books cost LESS through Scholastic than they do on Amazon!  You can find these same titles on Scholastic.  Shipping runs $2.99 per book – unless you spend $35 or more and then it is FREE!  Here are the prices you will find there: