Boost Drink Printable Coupon = $4.97 at Walmart

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Boost Coupon |

Grab this new coupon to save $2.00 off of Boost Nutritional Drink and pick it up for just $4.97 at Walmart!

Boost Nutrional Drink, 6 pack, $6.97
$2/1 Boost Nutrional Drink printable coupon
Final Price: $4.97

Venus Razors Just $2.75 at Dollar General

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Here’s anohter great deal at Dollar General!  They have select Venus Razors priced at just $5.75 — making them just $2.75 after using a recent coupon!  Here’s how to work your deal:

Venus Razors, $5.75
$3/1 Venus or Daisy Disposable Razor, exp. 8/31/14 (RP 07/13/14)
$1/1 Gillette or Venus Disposable Razor Printable
Final Price: As low as $2.75

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Fruit Recall!! Stores Include Sam’s Club, Walmart, Coscto & Trader Joe’s

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fruit recall

If you purchased fruit recently from Sam’s Club, Walmart, Costco or Trader Joe’s, make sure you continue reading. If you purchased nectarines, peaches, plums and/or pluots at any of these locations between June 1st and July 12th, you may need to return them.  In addition, if you purchased baked goods from Wegman’s, your products may also be included in this recall.

There is a possibility that items which were packed at the Cutler, California Warehouses may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.  At this time, there have not been any reported illnesses, but the stores want to make sure that you and your family are safe.  Therefore, you will not want to consume these products, but rather, discard them.

Some of the stores will be offering refunds, including Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s.  Contact your local store for details regarding possible refunds.

More information can be found here.


College Budgeting For Parents: What To Know BEFORE You Pay The Bursar

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Paying for College |


When you’re preparing your college-bound child, you tend to worry about grades, test scores and admission essays. Once they’ve decided on where they’ll take classes, your attention shifts to tuition payments, schedules and how well your child will get along with their roommates. There’s a lot of preparation – mentally, emotionally and financially­ – as your student begins his or her newest adventure.


Don’t forget to focus on your own obligations as well. Proactive consideration of your established budget is smart planning for you and your student. Financial stability is one of the leading factors of happiness in adulthood, so teaching your child to budget in their college years is a life lesson with serious real-world impact.


Look At Your Own Accounts

Take an honest look at what you can afford to pay for and how much monetary help you can provide. If you have other children in the house, or if you foresee the need to assist your own parents as they age, you should strongly consider and account for these forthcoming expenses. How does your retirement look? This should take precedence over paying for your child’s college costs. Students will have a much easier time getting financial assistance for tuition and living costs than you will if you find yourself short on funds at retirement.


Be Transparent about Support

Once you’ve decided what you want to do financially for your student, tell them! Too often, parents don’t communicate with their children about finances. While this is often not intentional, it can be harmful to the their ability to maintain their own finances. What and how much you’ll be supporting them as they begin their college careers is an excellent opportunity to begin this conversation.


Manage Expectations

If you’re willing and able to financially assist your student, it’s extremely important to have a discussion with your child about how, when and what you’re offering to cover. Too often, parents send money or set up a stipend hoping their child will be naturally prone to manage their expenses. Caught up in the novelty of their newfound independence, a student might try to justify purchasing an $80 team jersey instead of allotting their funds for unforeseen expenses like gas money or fees for extracurricular clubs or groups.


Clarify what you will pay for long before school begins. This way, your student can begin making their own, independent choices about saving or spending their money. The summer before freshman year is a great time to begin putting together a budget. Establish a budget with your student and remember they’ve likely never done this before. CommunityAmerica offers a budgeting program called Finance Works, but there are other programs out there like You Need A Budget or Mint that make creating a budget simple. These digital programs also allow you to monitor your funds, and your student’s, easily.


Look Beyond the Obvious

Many parents automatically look at tuition payments as the best way to support, but if the student can get solid financial assistance on tuition, consider other ways to help. Bill or insurance support, covering grocery costs or other living expenses are areas to consider.

If you’re unable to help out with college costs, there are still things you can do to promote financial success for your student. Make time to help them fill out FAFSA paperwork, scholarship applications or other student aid forms. If your child is working part time as they finish high school, you may consider ‘matching’ their paychecks or tips. It’s a gesture that can encourage them to work harder while promoting financial diligence.


As your student chooses classes and activities, they’ll need to learn how to budget their time. Next week, we’ll discuss how you can help them budget their money as well. For more advice on navigating financials or saving for higher ed, click here for friendly advice from the CommunityAmerica Credit Union Savin’ Mavens. This post was written by Maven Jason Armstrong, a branch manager at CommunityAmerica.

DVDs As Low As $3.75 Each at Target (Using Cartwheel Coupons)

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target dvd deals

There are currently SEVERAL Target Cartwheel coupons available to save on DVDs.   You can save as much as 25% off of select titles!  The prices I’ve listed below are the on-line prices, so if your store’s price is higher, just price match to ensure that you get the same deal!

You can find ALL of the current Target Cartwheel DVD coupons HERE.  Below are some of the deals:

Sally Hansen Nail Polish As Low As $0.97

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Sally Hansen Nail Polish Deal |

Who doesn’t love a great deal on nail polish!?  You can pick up Sally Hansen Hard as Nails for as little as $0.97 each!!  Here are some different store deals you might find:



Gillette Razors Only $1.75 at Dollar General (Reg $4.75)

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Gillette Razors Deal at Dollar General |

Here’s another hot deal on razors!  Use your $3.00 off of 1 Gillette razors coupon from the July 13th insert and pick up this five count of razors for only $1.75 at Dollar General!

Gillette Disposable Razors, 5 ct, $4.75
Use $3/1 Gillette Male Disposable Razor, exp. 8/31/14 (RP 07/13/14)
or use $1/1 Gillette Disposable Razor, exp. 7/31/14 (RP 06/22/14)
or use $1/1 Gillette Disposable Razor, exp. 7/31/14 (RP 06/22/14)
Final Price: As low as $1.75< /td>

Dial Soap Printable Coupon – As Low As Free at CVS!

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As LowAsFREE!!! (2)

Just wanted to make sure you all caught this deal this week at CVS!   You can get FREE Dial Barsoap!  Just use the newest coupon either at CVS or another store to score some great deals!

CVS (through 7/26)
DOLLAR TREE (available at select locations)
WALGREENS (through 7/26)

How to Free Up Cash to Save for Retirement

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free Up cash to save for retirement |


I recently took a hard look at my retirement savings, and let’s just say I was disappointed at what I saw. While I’m not woefully behind, I do have some catching up to do.

If you haven’t thought about your retirement recently, it would behoove you to take a look at your savings and plan. Retirement is one of those things you have to prepare for – failing to do so can take the shine off your Golden Years. If you’ve fallen behind, or you’re currently not setting money away, here are some ideas to get you on track.

1. Review Your Mortgage Terms
Thirty year refinance rates are currently around 4%, while 15-year rates are hovering around 3%. If you’re paying a significantly higher interest rate, a refinance might be prudent. Just make sure you contact a qualified mortgage refinance professional before committing to a new loan.

2. Take Advantage of Employer Retirement Savings Programs
Does your employer offer a 401k retirement savings program? And more importantly, does it match funds? If so, start investing up to the company limit. This is money provided to you free of charge from your employer, which usually beats the gains you could accumulate by investing elsewhere.

3. Commit to a Budget
If your goal is to ramp up retirement savings, you must set (and stick to) a personal budget. Create one online at the BudgetPulse website, or develop a spreadsheet of your own. After listing your income and expenses, see what you pay for each monthly bill, and look for ways to cut costs. For instance, getting a home audit done by your energy provider can lower your energy expenses, and there are almost always teaser deals available for new cable TV, Internet, or smartphone plans.

4. Rethink Your Spending Habits
What would you prefer – a new smartphone and the latest upgrade on your tablet, or the peace of mind that comes with a fully stocked retirement account? Hopefully, it’s the latter. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses, and focus on your future. Your best bet is to forgo short-term luxuries in order to achieve long-term goals.

5. Sell Your Goods
Do you have a drawer full of old electronics, or a closet filled with toys your kids don’t use anymore? Create a seller account on eBay or Amazon and start making money. Describe your items accurately, include photos, and price your items to sell.  Ship fast in secure packaging to cut down the possibility of returns.

6. Don’t Buy a New Car
If you’re about to pay off your current vehicle, don’t immediately take out a loan for a new car. Make do with what you have, and each month you drive your paid-for car, you can put the savings into your retirement account.

Once you have more to invest, make sure you’re investing it wisely. Study up on your retirement account’s expense ratio, which is basically the fees taken out for fund management. Opt for indexed funds and exchange traded funds, which usually have lower expense ratios than actively managed funds. Then once per year, review your investments and make adjustments based on your risk tolerance, age, and investment performance. Saving for retirement is great, but your work doesn’t end there – devote care and attention to your portfolio as you move forward.

How are you planning and saving for retirement?

Lindsay Olives: As Low As FREE with New Printable Coupon!

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Lindsay Olives Coupon |

There are some new printable coupons available to save on your purchase of Lindsay Olives.  Some of these print with the wording “Redeem at Marsh or Redeem at Walmart” on them, but since it does not state ONLY at Marsh, you should be able to use them anywhere.  However, just keep that in mind as some stores may still not accept it because of that.

You can use these coupons to get some deals at your favorite stores!