New Checkout 51 Offers: Pledge, Boulder Canyon Chips, Glade Jar Candles & More!

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New-Checkout51Offers 102314

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means that the newest Checkout51 Offers will be released.  Remember that these are valid for just one week, so purchase your items and submit your receipt before they are gone! Here is a heads up of what you will find!

Any variety. Excludes Pledge® Multi Surface Antibacterial Everyday Cleaner.
Cash back: $1.00
Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil
17 oz or larger, any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Any brand. Excludes frozen varieties.
Cash back: $0.25
Salad mix
Any variety of pre-packaged salad greens. Excludes loose produce.
Cash back: $0.25
Glade® Wax Melts
Any variety. Excludes Glade® Wax Melt Warmer.
Cash back: $1.00
Glade® Jar Candle
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.50
Boulder Canyon Chips
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.50
TGI Friday’s® Snacks
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.50
9 oz or larger, any variety.
Cash back: $0.75
Café Bustelo® products
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
McCormick® Grill Mates® Steak Sauce
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Buy 2: McCormick® Grill Mates® Seasoning Blends
Any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
Cash back: $1.00
La Preferida Jalapeño Nacho Slices
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.60
La Preferida Black Beans
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.25
La Preferida Chick Peas
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.30
DOLE Pineapple Juice
Any canned variety. Excludes chilled and frozen varieties.
Cash back: $0.75
Arla Dofino® Cheese
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
RoC® Anti-Aging Products
Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes.
Cash back: $3.00
At RiteAid: SebaMed® Moisturizing Body Lotion
Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes.
Cash back: $3.00
SebaMed® Liquid Face & Body Wash
Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes.
Cash back: $3.00
Animeals 4 Kids sauces
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Wild Garden® Hummus Dips
Any jar variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Kim & Scott’s Gourmet® Pretzel products
7 oz or larger, any variety.
Cash back: $0.75
LUIGI’S® Real Italian Ice products 
24 fl oz or larger, any variety.
Cash back: $0.75
World Peas
Any variety.
Cash back: $1.00
Buy 2: Nongshim Meal Noodles
Any flavor. Excludes Bowl Noodles and Cup Noodles. Items must appear on the same receipt.
Cash back: $0.50
Blue Dragon products
Any variety.
Cash back: $0.75
Urban Accents® Dryglaze™ Grilling Rubs
Any variety. Offer not available for online purchases.
Cash back: $1.00
Urban Accents® Spice Blends
Any variety. Offer not available for online purchases.
Cash back: $1.00
**Offers valid beginning 10/23/14**

If you haven’t heard about this rebate site, learn more about Checkout 51 HERE.

$5 Gift Card Promo @ Target = $16.49 a box!

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Oxytrol Deal at Target

Save over $10 a box on Oxytrol For Women when you combine coupons and Gift Card Promo! This is a great stock up price!


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Peel And Stick 6-Foot Chalkboard or Whiteboard Decal – Only $9.99 Shipped!

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peel and stick chalkboard

I know I wish I had something like this around when my kids were itty bitties!! I didn’t want to paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint, and this would’ve been so nice to have since it’s a peel and stick product! Grab a Peel And Stick 6-Foot Chalkboard or Whiteboard Decal for just $9.99 shipped today!

  • Transform any wall into an intentional writing surface
  • Installs onto any clean, smooth surface or painted dry wall
  • Can be cut into any shape or size
  • Easily wipes clean with cloth or towel
  • Can also be used on tabletops for a creative work station
  • List all your vital thoughts, school or business data, and personal communications
  • Non-toxic and 100% lead free vinyl
  • Your choice between chalkboard or whiteboard style
  • Perfect for children
  • Brand New
  • 30 Day Warranty

You can’t miss this great deal on GOGO Squeeze @ Target!

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GOGO Squeez $1 a box @ Target!!

My kids absolutely love these pouches and I feel so good giving it to them! This is a great stock up price when you combine sale and coupons!



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Alternative Ideas to Filing Bankruptcy

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alternatives to filing bankruptcy


The biggest obstacle to someone with a crushing debt burden is a lack of knowledge of how to get their arms fully around the problem, and know how to go about making it right. They do not know fully what options are available to them, and if they do, they are unsure as to what the right first step for them is.

I know, because in June of 2010, I was in that exact situation.

We knew bankruptcy was an option. While we didn’t know much about the process, we did know that it would affect our credit, and our financial options for years to come. We decided to search for alternative solutions. We hit the internet, and found two debt relief options that we hadn’t heard of before.


Debt Management Programs


Debt management programs, also called debt consolidation programs or credit counseling, is a way for people to pay off their unsecured debt using a third party debt relief company. A debt management program (DMP) works like this:

  • Customer enrolls in a DMP with a debt relief company providing them with information regarding the accounts to include in the program.
  • The debt relief provider negotiates a monthly payment and reduced interest rate with the creditor that results in elimination of the debt in 3-5 years.
  • The customer makes a single payment to the debt relief provider, including a monthly administration fee based upon the amount of debt enrolled in the program. This fee usually ranges between $10 and $50 per month. The debt relief provider then disperses the agreed upon payment amounts to each individual creditor.
  • In exchange for a fixed monthly payment and reduced interest rate, creditors close the accounts so no additional debt can be accumulated. While the act of enrolling in a debt management program does not affect your credit score, the closing of accounts will affect your debt to income ratio, as well as your credit history likely causing your credit score to dip in the beginning. However, by making consistent payments to the DMP, as well as to other financial commitments, a customer’s credit score usually rebounds quickly.

DMPs generally work well for people who are current with their payments, but just cannot make any progress on the balances due to high interest rates. By closing the accounts to avoid future debt, and having negotiated monthly payment and lowered interest rate, DMP customers can repay their unsecured debt within 3-5 years.

For more information about how a debt management program works, check out this article.


Debt Settlement Programs


A Debt Settlement Program (DSP) involves legal representation, and is aimed for people whose financial situation is a little more dire, but still would like to try to avoid bankruptcy. People who enroll in a DSP go through the following process:

  • Customers stop paying the creditors enrolled in the program
  • Customers make monthly payments to the debt relief provider to fund an escrow account.
  • Over time, the customer’s accounts become severely delinquent. The lawyer assigned to the account will then reach out to creditors to negotiate settlement of the account for less than the full amount.
  • The agreed upon settlement is paid from the escrow account.

Debt settlement will have a negative effect to a customer’s credit score since payments to the creditors are halted. Customers may also begin to receive collection calls from the creditor, at which time they are to inform the caller of the legal representation now handling the account. By law, this should stop the phone calls. There may also be tax implications for the amount of debt forgiven through a DSP.

DSPs are generally used by people who cannot meet all their monthly financial commitments and need to lower their monthly payments but want to avoid bankruptcy. By having the debt relief provider negotiate a settlement of less than the amount owed, customers can make progress on getting creditors off their backs in 3-5 years and then focus on rebuilding their financial future.

Click here for more information on how a Debt Settlement Program Works. < >

On July 1st, 2010, my wife and I enrolled in a debt management company. Within a month, all thirteen of our creditors with accounts totally over $109,000 of credit card debt were on board with a negotiated payment and interest rate. We made 55 payments of $2489, with the final payment being at the end of January of this year.

Up until a week before we enrolled in our DMP, we hadn’t heard of debt relief providers, debt management programs or debt settlement programs. There are countless people in the same position we were in then; in debt and looking for a way out, but just not sure what the first step is.

The first step is to educate yourself on all of your options, including debt management programs, debt settlement programs, do it yourself techniques and even bankruptcy. Once you fully understand all your options, only then can you make the right decision for you.

Are you looking to get out of debt but don’t know where to start? Have you looked into a debt management program, or a debt settlement program?


Travis Pizel blogs at Enemy Of Debt where he candidly shares his family’s experiences, struggles and successes as they fight their way out of debt. As a father and husband he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family. 

Get It. Love It. Score Big with Wish-Bone® #spon

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It is football season!!  OK, well, maybe not really a “season”, but it is definitely a time for get togethers, parties and watching your favorite teams battle one another to get into the end zone.    If you attend or host one of these parties, you probably see the same things….chips, dip, nachos, little smokies.  BO-RING.  Why not mix it up and try something new this year?

One product you might want to grab at the store is Wish-Bone® Ranch.  This isn’t just any ordinary ranch dressing.  It is loaded with herbs, garlic and just a hint of tangy buttermilk.  It is also smooth and creamy – and best of all – NO high fructose corn syrup!  My kids gobble up any veggies (as long as they have yummy Ranch Dressing).  I wasn’t sure if they’d notice that mom had switched their go to brand with something new – and they didn’t.  GO MOM!!!!

If Ranch Dressing isn’t your thing, you can try any of these varieties:

  • Wish-Bone® Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Buffalo Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Buffalo Ranch Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® South of the Border Ranch Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Wish-Bone® Italian Dressing

Wish-Bone® actually has some favorite NEW recipes you can try!  My favorite is the Buffalo Oven Fried Pickle Chips.  Oh. My. Word.  DELISH!!!  We made some of these last night as a snack while watching the World Series and they were so yummy!!!!!  Check out this recipe HERE.

Whatever you serve for your friends and family, just enjoy being together.  And, if your team happens to end up the winner — it makes you good day even better!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom was compensated for this post by the sponsor - Wish-Bone®.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any parties.

Review of MeadOrganizer On-the-Go Expense Tracker and Week-to-Week Magnetic Notepad (Helping Keep You Organized)

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meadreviews2The most common question people ask me is how to stay organized.  Whether it be for your business or keeping track of the kids’ activities, it can be tough to do.  Mead has a products which can help you do just that. I recently had the chance to review a couple of them and share my thoughts with you.

mead2 Whether you run a business or not, you may need to keep track of receipts and expenses.  Most of us probably just shove all of our receipts into our wallet or bag and then, when we get home, we try to sort through them (or sadly, lose them).  The Mead®Organizer® On-the-Go Expense Tracker can help you alleviate this problem.

First of all, it has a small pouch on the inside pocket where you can place all of those receipts at the end of each day.  This way, they are all in one place and you have no worries about losing them.

Secondly, it has a place to record expenses.  What I love about this feature is having a place to track the cash I spend.  It may not seem like you spend much, but $10 here, $20 there – it can all add up!  As you spend your cash, you can jot it down.

Now, you can have all of your expenses accounted for, which can make it simpler when doing your monthly accounting and/or your annual tax return!  It can also be helpful if you are traveling as a family, so you can watch your overall spending and make sure you are staying within your budget.

This sells for $9 at

mead3Having three kids and activities, meetings and work travel schedules can be tough to manage.  We keep a calendar on our refrigerator to help us do that.  I really loved this Mead®Organizer® Week-To-Week Magnetic Notepad.  We just placed it on our refrigerator and filled in the date at top.  I then filled it in with what was happening each day of the week, which helped, but what made it even better was my husband doing it too!

It seems he would think he told me about a meeting or other event and hadn’t.  Now, he can just write it down on the weekly calendar so we don’t have to worry about forgetting to share!

This sells for $7 at

There are lots of really amazing organizing tools available at  No matter what your need, they’ve probably got something which will work for you.

Penny Pinchin’ Mom received these products in order to facilitate the review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by any parties.

New SavingStar eCoupon To Save 20% Off Pears!

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SavingStar-Healthy-Offer 102214

This week, you can Save 20% on any single purchase of loose Pears . You will have until October 27, 2014 to use your offer, so keep that in mind. And, if you aren’t sure what SavingStar is all about read more about it HERE. It’s a great way to save, without clipping coupons ;)

Walmart Savings Catcher: Tips on Uploading Your Receipt #WMTSavingsCatcher #sponsored

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walmart savings catcher app


As I’ve mentioned previously, I am staring to use the Walmart Savings Catcher program program. It is a simple idea – shop and then upload a photo of your receipt on your phone or enter the numbers online when you are at a laptop or desktop.  Walmart will search the weekly ads close to where you live and if they find a lower price, they will give you the difference back, which you can transfer to an e-Gift Card.

I know a lot of people say that it is a scam because they haven’t gotten anything back yet.  Honestly, if you haven’t gotten any cash back, it simply means that Walmart has done what it says it can do – offer the lowest prices.  So really, they are doing what they have promised consumers.  However, in those rare times when other stores do have lower prices, they are still honoring their promise and making sure that you do get the best price out there.  It is a win-win situation in my eyes.

When I shopped recently, I came home with my receipt and was ready to snap a photo and upload it.   I happened to learn a few tips which I wanted to pass along to you:

If the cash register where you shopped is low on ink, the receipt may print with a lighter parts on it.  These can cause the barcode, which is scanned, not to scan properly.  In this case, it is better to go online and type in the numbers, thereby reducing the possibility of your receipt being rejected.  Here is my receipt and you can see the center of the receipt is a tad lighter, so that can cause issues with the upload:
photo (11)

When you take a photo, make sure you hold your phone vertically and that the barcode is centered and clear in box.  Otherwise, if it is distorted in any way, it will not upload and will be rejected.

If you try a couple of times on your phone, it may be best to just go online instead of trying again.  Since you have only 7 days to upload your receipt, you want to make sure you do so timely.

If you use coupons, the app will still work.  It doesn’t look at the price after coupons, it looks at it before  So keep on using those coupons to save even more!

Store brands will not be matched.  Therefore, if you shop mainly the Great Value products, there is no way you can earn cash back.

Since my receipt was distorted, I knew right away that I may have issues getting it to scan properly.  Rather than wait, I just decided to log into my account and upload the receipt that way. You simply need to head to Walmart Savings Catcher.  Sign into your account (or create one).  The next window has you type in the receipt.  Make sure you begin with the numbers AFTER the TC#:


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.11.18 AM

Hit the orange Add Receipt button and you are done!  It takes such little time to do!

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win $2,000!!!  How?  Simply head HERE and enter your email address to share the word about this app and you’ll be entered to win!

Using the Walmart Savings Catcher program program really is a simple way to make sure you get the best possible deal out there — even if you already scored it when you shoppe at Walmart!

What’s Free In Stores This Week 10/19 – 10/25!

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free in stores this week |

There are always freebies at your favorite store, but finding them may be challenging.  We’ve got some of the week’s BEST freebies which you can find a some of your favorite stores, all in one place!


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Walmart Ongoing