Select Small Appliances Just $9.99 After Rebate (or Less)

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Kohl’s has brought back the great small appliance rebate once again!  You can order one of the following appliances for $19.99 right now and submit a $10 mail in rebate found HERE, making them just $9.99 each!

You can use the code LOWEST20 and to save another 20% off of the sales, price, which makes them cost even less!  (You can print an in-store pass HERE). Add in the fact that you can earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent and the savings just keep on coming!

Here is a deal idea:

1 Griddle, $19.99
1 Rice Cooker, $19.99
2 Rocket Blenders, $39.98 ($19.99 each)
Save 20% with the code LOWEST20 – $16
Pay $63.97 out of pocket
Earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash
Submit for $40 back in Rebates
NET TOTAL FOR ALL 4:  $13.97 or just $3.49 each!

Grab these appliances and set them back for gifts for weddings, graduation, house warmings and more!!

Visit Kohl’s to find this and other hot deals!


Free Kids Entree with Adult Purchase at Olive Garden

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Today is Take Your Kids to Work Day.  To celebrate, Olive Garden has a new coupon for a free kids’ entree with the purchase of any adult entree.  You can actually purchase 2 kids meals for free with one adult entree, which makes this deal even better!

Head to Olive Garden and fill out the form to get your coupon.

Offer good only on April 24 2014.

Sparkle World Magazine for $13.99 (More than 40% off of Retail)

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If you have a girl who loves My Little Pony, Tinkerbell, Strawberry Shortcake — or any characters like this, then she will love this magazine!  You can order Sparkle World Magazine for just $13.99 — 44% off of retail!  Make sure you use the coupon code pennypinch at checkout in order for the discount to be applied.

If you find any other title, you can always use the code pennypinch and instantly save 20% off of the price!

This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST on April 24, 2014.

Photo Brag Book for $3.98 Shipped

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Here’s a great Mother’s Day gift idea!  Why not get a brag book?  Now through Saturday, April 26th, Walgreens Photo is offering a brag book for just $0.99 when you use the code BRAG2ALL at checkout.  Shipping runs $2.99, making your book just $3.98 shipped!

Visit Walgreen’s Photo and order your book!

How to Repell Insects, Bugs and Rodents – Naturally!

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how to repell bugs insects and more naturally |  #ecofriendly  #insects #natural

When the weather starts to change, it means that everyone is coming out of “hibernation.”  This includes not only humans, but also rodents, insects and bugs!  Unfortunately, these pests can create havoc during your picnic.  They might even try to find a way into your home!  YUCK!

I don’t know about you, but I hate all of the chemicals normally used to help get rid of them.  Below you’ll find some safer, homemade options you can try to use this year.  Not only will you save money, these will be a healthier option for you and your family.


Getting Rid of Spiders.


Most of them are harmless, but they still give me the creeps!  Here are some options you can use to get rid of spiders:

  • Place chestnuts around the perimeter of your home.  Spiders do not like this nut.
  • Plant mint and/or lavender near your windows.  Spiders do not like the scent, and therefore, will not make a web in these locations.
  • Spiders do not like citrus. Make a spray and spray along baseboards, doors, and windows to create a barrier.  Create your own with:
    5 Drops of Essential Oil — citrus, peppermint, cinnamon or lavender work well
    5 Drops of dish washing liquid
    1 quart of waterMix and put into spray bottle


Getting Rid of Ants.


It seems when you find one in your home, you will soon see an entire army invading.  The key is to prevent them from entering your home altogether.  Here are some ideas:

  • Draw lines around entry points with chalk.  Ants are repelled by the calcium carbonate.  You can even pour powdered chalk around gardens, foundations and more.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder around your house.  You can also try cream of tarter or borax.
  • Plant mint around your home.  This too works to keep other pests out of your home (including spiders as noted above).
  • Sprinkle flour in the back shelves, floors and corners of your pantry.  Ants will not cross over the flour to reach your food.
  • Spray your door thresholds and around the windows with lemon juice.  You can also spread lemon  or orange peels or around your entrance and in the garden.  (Bonus of this treatment is that it also can keep roaches away).
  • Sprinkle salt across your door frame.  They will not cross the barrier.

If they have already invaded, you can try these tips:

  • Place masking tape, sticky side up, near the locations where you see the ants.  These work as a free sticky trap.  They will walk on and then will become stuck to the tape, which you can then discard.
  • Put cayenne pepper around the areas where the ants are invading.  They are searching for sugar and this will stop them in their tracks.
  • Spray areas with a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar where you see the ants.  You can use this along your entry way, baseboards and other areas in your home.  Of course, you will have to smell the vinegar yourself for a little while, but at least you will git rid of the ants!


Getting Rid of Wasps.


These are not only annoying, they can actually sting and cause harm to both you and your family.  Worse yet, if you or someone you know is allergic, the sting could actually be deadly.

Removing Nests

  • Put on protective gear (so you do not end up being stung yourself).
  • Do the following at night – when the wasps are less active.
  • Pour boiling water on the nest.  Doing so can kill thousands at a time.  Just dump and run as fast as you can.  It may take a few attempts to get rid of all of them.
  • You can also fill a bucket with soap water and pour it on the nest as well.  Just as with boiling water – dump and run.  This too may require more than one application.


  • Take a 2 liter bottle and cut off the top, just below the shoulder of the bottle.  Fill 1/2 way with water and then invert the lid into the bottle. Tape to secure it.   Add a few drops of soap and vinegar to attract the wasps (and keep out honey bees).  They will come in and then can not get back out.  Here is a photo of how this looks:Wasp Trap |
    (photo credit:


  • Remove food.  Wasps are attracted to trash  - especially protein foods.  Make sure pet food, scraps and trash are properly disposed of and/or covered to prevent attraction.In the late summer/fall, the attraction turns sweet, so soda pop, fruits, jellies, etc will be more attracting to them.
  • Do not swat them.  When you squash a wasp, they release a pheromone which alerts nearby wasps.
  • Walk away.  If you see a wasp, just walk away calmly.
  • Avoid floral prints and bright colors.  Wasps are attracted to these.


Getting Rid of Mice.


While mice are not a bug, they certainly are a pest and can impose a serious health risk to your family.  Try these tips in your home:

  •  Use peppermint oil as a natural deterrent.  You can place a few drops on cotton balls and place those in the areas where they will enter you house.  You can also try to grow peppermint plants around your home as well.
  • Check your house for entrance points.  Mice can squeeze through the smallest of openings. Make sure that all windows and doors are tightly caulked and fill any larger holes with steel wool.
  • Keep your home clean and trash away.  Mice love the smell of trash.  Keeping this away from your home will keep them away.

Once they are in your home, if you need to get rid of them, you might try these options:

  • Use sticky traps.  Peanut butter or bacon grease work better as they can’t grab and run, they have to stop to eat.
  • Use humane traps.  Just make sure that you release them far from your home, so that they can’t find way back.

What have you used to get rid of unwanted pests in your home?  We’d love for you to share.  Please leave us a comment below.

100 Eraser Cleaners (Like Magic Erasers) Just $0.10 Each Shipped

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magic erasers deal |

This is a great deal on Eraser Cleaners.  They are not the name brand ones, but they work the same way.

You can order 100 of them for $9.99 shipped – which makes them just $0.10 each!  Even if you don’t need this many, you could find a friend and split an order!

  • This magic sponge removes stain or dirt with water. This is a strong multi-functional cleaner. This sponge can be cut into any size for a suitable shape.
  • Size : 6cm*10cm*2cm
  • Made of eco materials comprised of ultrafine fibers and particles, the content of this cutting-edge product is as fine as 1/10 000 of hair.

Visit Amazon to learn more!

** Prices and availability subject to change. Make sure you confirm the price prior to purchase. If the price noted above differs from what you see on line, it simply means that this deal has expired since the time it was posted.

Thanks MashUp Mom!

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Coupons – 5 Simple Tips

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Beginners guide to using coupons

If you are new to coupons, you may feel overwhelmed reading all of the articles and information available.  It can be a lot to take in if you’ve never used coupons before.  I’ve got five simple tips which any new couponer can follow to get started on the path to learning how to save money!


1.  Getting Started Understanding Coupons.  Before you can redeem coupons, you need to understand some basic principles regarding them.  Understand the general rules and guidelines when it comes to using coupons.

2.  Understanding Coupon Language.  The wording on the coupon tells you how you can use them (and possible restrictions).

3.  How to Read a Coupon. There is a lot of information on a coupon which can be overwhelming.  Here’s a breakdown of the various parts of the coupon, so you can read and use them!

4.  Abbreviations Used on Coupons and Websites.  Many website use abbreviations to simplify how they relate deals to readers.  Learn what the abbreviations are and what they mean.

5.  Finding Coupons.  It can be overwhelming to know where to look for coupons.  Learn the resources available to help you find your coupons.

Once you have mastered HOW to use coupons, you can put those savings to work by saving at your favorite drug stores.  Some of the best deals can be found here, helping you save on your household items (often times getting items for free)!

Shop at CVS

Shop at Walgreens

There is a lot to learn when it comes to using coupons, so you might check out all of these tips and articles.  If you have questions, ask by sending us an email ( or even leave a comment on Facebook!

BOGO Krispy Kreme Donuts on Hero Appreciation Day (April 28th)

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Krisy Kreme Hero Appreciation Day |

Make sure you plan to visit Krispy Kreme Donuts on April 28th, when they celebrate Hero Appreciation Day!

When you purchase one dozen, you can get one free — for your favorite hero.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of heroes, those which come to mind include  teachers, firefighters, police offers, nurses — and other Moms!!

No coupon is required – but it might be good to check with your local store to make sure they are participating!

10 Lace Flower Headbands – $6.15 Shipped!

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Hurry on over to Amazon and grab these adorable Lace Flower Headbands while they are selling for just $6.15 shipped!

*Prices and availability subject to change. Make sure you confirm the price prior to purchase. If the price noted above differs from what you see online, it simply means that this deal has expired since the time it was posted.*

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Chiffon Cut-Out Scarves Just $7.95 Shipped (Reg $19.95)

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I’ve got an EXCLUSIVE fashion deal from Cents of Style!! You can get a Chiffon Cut-Out Infinity Scarf that is regularly priced at $19.95 for JUST $7.95.  Shipping is also free!! Just make sure when you checkout, you use the code:PENNYPINCHIN, and watch the price drop!! You won’t find this deal anywhere else!! One of these (or more) would make GREAT Mother’s Day gifts!!

scarf 2

Head on over and grab your Chiffon Cut-Out Infinity Scarf for $7.95 shipped!

Valid through Friday, 4/25/14.