Fun (and simple) Turkey Centerpieces For the Kids

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If you are not sure what type of centerpiece to get for your Thanksgiving table, why not let your kids have a “hand” in helping?  You can create these adorable little handprint turkeys with a few simple items.  I’ve got the instructions below for you!


Construction paper
Glue (might even use hot glue gun)
Empty toilet paper tubes (or a paper towel tube cut in half)
Wiggle Eyes

First, cut brown paper so that it will wrap around the tube completely.  You want it to end up being around 1 – 2″ taller than the tube itself.  Use hot glue or staple the paper to the tube (I stapled ours).


Next have your kids select the colors of “feathers” they want for their gobblers.  Trace their hands and cut them out.   Make sure you also trace 2 on orange or yellow paper if you want to add feet to your turkey.

Glue on eyes, beaks, wobblers — whatever your kids want to in order to make their turkey unique.  You can even glue the turkey to orange hand cutouts and make the feet if you would like – and even write names on them to use as name cards!

Whatever you decide to do, have fun — my kids sure did!