Where Can I Find Coupons?

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Where to Find Coupons

So, have you studied up on how to use your coupons? If so, do you have very many to help maximize your savings? If not (or even if you do), I think you might be surprised as to how many resource there are available to help you get the coupons that your family will use.


Thes0e are commonly referred to as inserts and are usually the easiest way to get coupons. There are 3 inserts that are the most common:

Smart Source (SS)
Red Plum (RP)
Proctor & Gamble (PG)

You may see additional “special” inserts that are put out by:

Unilver (UL)
Keebler (K)
General Mills (GM)

These inserts are not all in each edition of the newspaper every week.

You can even find ads from different stores/companies in the newspaper, so always go through it all to look it over. Don’t forget to always check your Parade or Star Magazine as they sometimes have coupons “hidden” within their pages as well.

I recommend getting the newspaper delivered to your home. The money you can save in coupons will pay for the newspaper subscription rate over and over again. Plus, you don’t have to go to the store to get it each Sunday.

Can’t afford the paper? Ask a neighbor or family member to pass along the coupons they don’t want.


Another easy way to get coupons is through the magazines that you already read. You can find tear out inserts or even some printed within an ad. So always look them over before you toss them!

One great magazine that is completely full of coupons is called All You Magazine. This can be found in Walmart stores nationwide and is published monthly. The average of coupons within the pages is normally over $50.00! When you look at the cover price of around $2, you will see that it will pay for itself every single month.

Some areas even offer FREE inserts only subscriptions. These are limited in area, so you will need to call your local newspaper to determine if you live where these are offered or not.



The trend of coupons is rapidly migrating to internet printables. These allow you to normally print out at least a couple of each coupon you find – sometimes even more. You can pick and choose what you want/need and leave the rest.

Some coupons are limited to 2 prints per IP address and other per computer.  This means if you have multiple computers in your home, you might be able to print a few more!

There are some common sites that are used to locate coupons. Some of them require you to sign up to print the coupons, others you can just print without becoming a member. They include:





One thing that I have added to help everyone who follows this site is a Coupon Database.  You can find a quick link to this at the VERY top of this site.  Book mark this so you can refer to it often.  You can search to find a coupon to print or to see if there was one in your inserts?

Since coupons vary from region to region, we also offer a Kansas City Coupon Inserts Database.  You can access this directly from the coupon database itself.


This can be a great way to get coupons – and sometimes coupons for FREE items.

Go through your house, or even use your most recent shopping receipt, and make a list of all of the brands you use. Go into each manufacturer’s website and sign up to get on the mailing lists. If you can’t find the site, you can try to Google the company name to see if it is under a larger parent company instead.

After you sign up, send them e-mails about how much you like their products. I have personally done this and gotten great coupons in the mail or e-mailed to me. I even had a couple of them send me coupons to get the item for FREE.



Did you know you can actually PURCHASE coupons?  Ebay is of course one option. Be careful that the coupons are real and not fraudulent. Just keep in mind that if the coupon seems too good to be true – then it probably is.

There are sites such as The Coupon Clippers or Coupon Dede where you can select the coupons you want and the quantity. For a small fee, they will send you the ones you need. Be sure to always weigh the cost of the coupon and postage against your savings to be sure it is worth it.



Sometimes there are store and/or manufacturer’s coupons right inside of the weekly ad.  They might also be lying in a bin when you first walk into the store.  Make sure to check so you do not miss a chance to save.

Some store offer printable or clipless versions (loaded onto your loyalty) card right online.  You can always print TARGET store coupons directly from their website.



Have you ever been walking through the store and noticed those little machines with the red blinking lights on them? If not, keep your eyes peeled for them. These machines are affectionately called “Blinkies” in the coupon world.

If you can, get a couple of them, that is great. However, try not to ever take more than two so that others can also get them as well.

Remember, just because you get the coupon in the store doesn’t mean you have to use it right then and there – unless of course the item is already on sale and your coupon can turn it into a fantastic deal.



I am sure you have seen those little cardboard sheets that are attached to the shelves where you can rip off a coupon. These are called Tearpads. Rip off one or two next time you see them. Again – don’t take too many so that lots of people can get them as well and hold onto it unless you will get a great deal in the store at that moment.




These are the coupons which you might find on the outside of the package.  You can “peel” them off and save instantly.  Sometimes they can only be redeemed at the time of purchase, so make sure to watch for “Cashier must remove” wording.



The coupons which hang directly around the top of the product are winetags or hangtags.  These can usually be redeemed at any time – not only at the time of purchase.  If you see these, do NOT take them off of the product unless you intend to buy it (proper coupon ettiquette).


Make sure you look over the box before you toss it into the trash as there may be a coupon hiding on it.  In fact, sometimes they will be printed on the inside of the packaging. So give it a once over before you recycle or toss it!


Ever see something on line to sign up to get a free sample and thought you didn’t want such a small package cluttering your cabinet? Well, think twice about passing them up. Most samples will include coupons so that you will go to the store and purchase the product.

So, now that you are amazed at how many ways to get your coupons, you will hopefully soon build up quite a nice collection!