Homemade Gift Ideas Day 4: Ideas for Grandparents

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Now that I am over being sick and life is slowly getting back to normal, it is time to continue with our series of Homemade Gift Ideas!   We’ve share some for teachers, dads and moms (you can find the links to those at the very top of this post).  Today we’ll share some which your kids can still make this week for their grandparents!


(photo credit: Little Pumpkin Grace)

These pot holders are a lot of fun for kids to make – and grandparents love them!  You can make a Santa or even turn a brown handprint into a reindeer.  You could use your foot to make a little angel – the ideas are endless!!


(photo credit: Makes and Takes)

 This is a fun gift that could actually involve the entire family!  You could each take a row and make your part of the tree with your handprints.  Then, add the “ornaments” with thumb and finger prints.  Get all of the details from Makes and Takes.



(photo credit: Workman Family)

This is an awesome idea for any grandparent (or even parent for that matter).  You can create personalized “Look What _____ Made” magnets for the refrigerator.  Such an easy way for grandpa and grandma to proudly display the artwork for everyone to see.  Find out how to make this simple craft from Workman Family.


These ornaments are fun and grandparents absolutely LOVE them (I should know – we did these around 4 years ago with my kids).  You simply use a ball ornament and paints to create adorable little snowmen!  You can find all of the details, including the supplies you will need, at Full of Great Ideas.


(photo credit: Kaboose)

This was one of the first handmade gifts that my daughter made for her grandparents (back in 2005). I found small teracotta pots at my local gardening store and I spray painted them white (inside and out).  Once dried, I dipped my daughters thumb into green paint and made “hollies” and then used her pinki in red paint to make the berries.  Once it was dried, I wrote her name and the year inside the bell.  I then used thin wire and a small bell and looped it through the hole in the pot to make the hanger.  They loved them!
If you need more detailed instructions, you can visit Kaboose.